Saturday, January 30, 2010

Settling In

We've been home for what almost a month I guess. We came home 1/1 and here it is 1/30. Wow. I'm just now feeling like I'm back in a groove. And we were "only" gone 2 weeks!

The first week I was off of work and trying to stay sane. Mary still needed a lot of care and so did Robert. Emotionally he was really struggling.

The next 2 weeks I worked 32 hours each week. Mary still was up a lot at night. Still exhausted, still emotional, Robert still having issues and then Mary and I had infections.

This week I "only" worked 27-28 hours (25 or so as coordinator and then 1.5 hours of meetings). And I sent the kids to the babysitter for a few hours Thursday and CLEANED. And organized the cupboards and sorted stuff out. And generally I just feel better! But I've also had more time at home. And I've taken a bunch of pics. So here are some highlights of the week! Their new best friend. They fight me for my computer. At least I think it's my computer. Robert is pretty sure it's his!

Mary feeding her baby doll. I couldn't resist the doll high chair, lol it was on clearance and she kept putting her babies in her high chair and then they fall out cause they're so small.

Fishing for snack-pretzel sticks, goldfish and PB

Wesley thinks that Mary is trying to be the tooth fairy?

So does that make Robert the geotrax fairy?

6 weeks ago today we had a massive snow (and here we are today back with snow) and Mary was burned. Today:

We snuggled and read stories
We went shopping (Target and Walmart!) with Roger and Peggy and to McDonald's for lunch
The kids napped/rested and I made cupcakes WHILE SHE WAS ASLEEP (check out for the recipe). Which I think have finished snapping me out of the doldrums left over from not sleeping/stress and well everything.

We had snack and playtime and then they went to Roger and Peggy's house and Wesley and I went out for supper! We had a great time at outback and then wandered around a little.

Monday we go back to the plastic surgeon. And see the occupational therapist to get fitted for a compression shirt. I'm nervous!


Jodi said...

Glad to hear you all enjoyed this snow storm!

Marielle said...

Aww what cuties! Kneebouncers is a total hit around here and man those cupcakes are killin' me. yum.