Thursday, November 01, 2007

talking and crazy!

Robert gets bigger and more crazy every day. We had a great time with him last night taking him around to trick or treat. We did just family and one close neighbor but it still took 3 hours! He was asleep till we got him home! He's starting to put words together (all done, down! climb up! more please!) he is also more and more accurately mimicking what we say-I have a tendency to say "I know" to him (I know, you're tired/upset/want this) and the other day after I said it he looked at me, sighed and said in the same tone "I know". I nearly died. It sounded just like me! His climbing ability is crazy. He is fearless but only where he can do it well, the babysitter has a wooden playset with a ladder and slide that is taller than me, he can climb up the ladder and goes down the slide effortlessly! He loves to climb and slide. We (Peggy and I) took him to the farmer's market this morning-she needed to pick up a book for the library-and he had a blast at the toy store there. They had a wooden barn with sliding doors and he was pushing a train in and out of it and generally having a ball. I think he will definitely be getting a barn for Christmas! I did buy him a train and a new puzzle with dinosaurs. Halloween pics are here