Friday, February 26, 2010

Hanging out

That's pretty much been us this week. The kids have had coughs so we've just chilled out at home between work, and haircuts, lol. Well and I've been pretty attached to my new kindle. Oooh how I looooove the kindle. I had applied for and gotten level 3 of the clinical ladder at work (a nursing retention plan that moves you through these ladders based on committee work, procedures, teaching etc-you get points for various activities and then you do a portfolio showcasing your work and then you are rewarded accordingly) so I used some of the money to splurge on a kindle with a hot pink case :) I'm going through withdrawl today without it!

Mary was doing pretty well until last eve when she turned bright red and fell asleep at 6 in Wesley's lap. Her temp was 101.2. But she slept all night again and Wesley said she was acting OK this morning so we didn't end up taking her to the Dr. We had planned on Wesley taking her to the dr and then here for sick day care but we're going to see how she does at the babysitter's.

The one thing I have started this week is having a quick pick up of toys around 5:30/5:45. Wesley get home shortly after that and then it's supper and bath and books and bed. The house looks soooo much better this week! We had every toy box dumped yesterday and after the pick up it looked pretty good. I also managed to get the housework done Thurs before work (while the kids were at the babysitter). Still trying to decide about preschool for next year. I need to look into one more option before I make a decision. Sigh. So hard!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mary update pics

2 months after the accident

temporary compression shirt

putting in eye drops like Grampy, lol

new compression shirt
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Mary's First Haircut

She did so well at her first haircut! Mom and I have trimmed her bangs some but this was her first official haircut at Tangles Day Spa with our favorite Krista! She held onto Krista's pic of her kids (including her daughter who is Mary's age!). She looked down into the mirror while she cut the back and basically did great! I'm so proud of my baby girl!
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another night shift...

Well I attempted something new today. Taking the kids to Denee's so I could nap before night shift. I never did fall asleep. I did rest some and feel pretty good. I'm not sure it was worth driving there and back for 2 1/2 hours of quiet and getting a trooper stuck in the snow on the way out (oops!). I did go to the gym today but my back was hurting and running made it worse so I just walked, and then I went home and fed the kids lunch. My back feels fine now. I did some good stretching at the end and I think that helped. I need to get back into weights but I haven't done that yet. Other than that I finished laundry and washed all the sheets and remade all the beds but ours. Mary still naps in the pack n play so when I do sheets I do 4 sets. I don't wash sheets nearly as often as I should!

I'm almost done getting the pictures together for the kids albums (my "rule" is their albums have to be ready for their b-day party-so they are never more than a year old!) I submited over 350 pictures to be printed today. The last pics we had printed were last year this time (except the mother's day pics and the Christmas cards and what Wesley did for the fair). So I was a little behind but a year felt manageable. It only took me 3 hours or so to go through all our pics from this year. I think I printed maybe 1/15th of the pics-if that. I think I went through 4,000 pics! It was so neat to see all the fun things we've done this year. Not just how the kids have changed but all the trips we took: Philly, beach, camping etc. I can't wait to see all the cool stuff that we'll do this summer! Well, once the hospital moves and we can ta

Lets see, what's new with Mary? Her compression shirt is here so I'll take her Friday to get fitted for that. Otherwise she's basically crazy :) She's doing great with the potty-even tried to go poop on the potty yesterday but couldn't quite get it out while sitting. She knew she had to go and told me that she had to which was great! She doesn't seem to be in any pain at this point, doesn't even seem to mind the creams or massage. You can tell when the moisturizers are "wearing off" at the end of the 12 hours-she gets a little itchy. Otherwise she's great! Her face looks fantastic. I meant to take pics last wed and didn't get to them and now I think I'll wait for Friday which will be 2 months since the accident. It seems like an eternity ago and yet like yesterday. I'm so thankful that the worst of it is over and hope this year goes well and that the scaring will be minimal in the long run. I really think it will be. It looks better every day.

Well I guess I'd better print the unit census papers before downtime. I've been writing a paragraph, placing an admission, writing another one, starting an IV.... lol. So if this is disjointed you know why!

Friday, February 12, 2010

They are growing up!

There's something about birthdays rapidly approaching that make me step back and look at how fast these kids are growing up. It WAS just yesterday right that Robert was a tiny baby. And Wesley stepped up to the plate and held him as I layed in recovery from a c-section and thought "how in the world am I ever going to take care of him". Wesley scooped him up and held him, his eyes shiny and his face full of awe and love. And I was blown away. Yes Wesley who had never really held a baby!

Today I have declared THAT very same tiny baby-well not so tiny baby anymore-completely potty trained. He has been night time dry for 2 weeks straight! So today we ceremonially threw away his pull up and did a big boy dance. We haven't had a day time accident since Aug I think. I think I'll take him to the farmer's market tomorrow to pick out a toy (the LAST of the potty training bribes!).

Mary has been working on potty training (she does better for Denee than she does for me-I think Denee is better at motivating and getting her on the potty every hour than I am!). She knows how to let pee out but not how to hold it in so I'm not pushing it for now. I think it will still be a while! She has also learned how to sing "happy b-day" (along with all the other songs she knows-she pretty much has twinkle twinkle down), talks a blue streak-most of it is hilarious. Some gems: "Snoosy barkit mommy-go get snoosy" (snoopy's barking). In addition to snoosy we also have wankies (blankies) ! So cute. She mimics everything Robert says from the "Robert was awake this morning" to I don't want to x. She also mimics everything he does which makes mealtimes um interesting if Robert doesn't like something.

But over all these kids are so cute and it is so neat to see them together! You can hear them talking in the mornings and today Robert and all his sleeps and the big helicopter were in Mary's crib playing! Mary is back to sleeping through the night :) and I'm back to the gym (went 3 times this week and today managed a 30 min straight run at 6 mph (=5k!)-the first since the accident. I then went to lunch with Wesley and gorged on Chinese so I don't think there is any benefit to today's run, lol. I have a meeting here in a few min (actually the clinical ladder reception) and then work 3-7 so I took the kids to Denee's after we went to the gym. I'm off Sat but volunteered for 3p-7p Sun for double pay. Wesley and I are headed to Pigeon Forge the end of March for a long weekend, we decided we're going to call that Valentine's day! Trying to go out on V-day in a college town is a lesson in aggravation if not futility, lol!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Snow, Siblings, and ramblings

So here it is snowing AGAIN! And of course I have to be at work at 7 am. But oh well. Only looking at a couple inches tonight and today was pretty nice so I was able to get to walmart, run an errand and made it to the gym. And finished all the laundry/got it put away. But I hadn't worked on supper ahead of time so we went through the BK drive through! The kids really enjoyed their nuggets (I got an 8 piece and gave each 4 and they finished them all!). Robert got a haircut and then the kids got a bath (3 days in a row! this has got to be a record!).

So I spent most of the weekend at work-and was so ready to be DONE with that place til I got home. It was busier than I expected for SO much snow (20+ inches). And no supply cart exchange Saturday so I spent a fair amount of time getting supplies. The kids made it through the weekend fine. Wesley made Robert an igloo which he like and there are paths through the yard that Roger snow blowed which the kids love running through!

Mary has been talking and well opinionated recently (picking up stuff from her big brother) and Robert has started tantruming. Not physically but he will cry and cry and cry. Sigh. He screamed all the way to the gym today because he had left a little firetruck that he had meant to take with him and I wouldn't go back for it. He was still screaming over it when I dropped him off! Sigh. Mary is just repeating stuff like "I don't take naps anymore, I don't like that anymore". And it's to the point that if Robert is upset at meal time and I don't think he'll eat I don't make him sit down to the table because then Mary will follow along and not eat either and then they're both starving! But the bond between them is cute too-they hold hands on the way into the gym, you can hear them talking in the mornings, Mary is peeing in the potty just like Robert (with accidents of course but she has figured out how to let pee out-and for Denee was dry all day yesterday except nap!). Ahh siblings!

I just realized I never posted after our appointment last monday. It went fine. They feel she is healing well. I got the authorization letter yesterday from the insurance co authorizing her compression shirt so that's a go. We go back in a couple weeks to try the completed shirt on (they measure 7 places around on each arm alone-they are so precisely fitted!) and then we'll order 1-2 more. They have to be worn 23.5 hours/day so we'll need at least 2, probably 3. and they have to be handwashed, lol. They do come in a few colors. We ordered the first one in beige. And I'm thinking pink and white for the others. We'll have to get new ones every 3-6 months so I guess we'll see how the colors go! They are basically heavy stocking weight. We got 2 temporary ones-just stretchy tubing like her dressings were held on with but more elastic material like an ace wrap. Anyways they seem to be helping some already. And I'm already in the groove of washing them.