Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Snow, Siblings, and ramblings

So here it is snowing AGAIN! And of course I have to be at work at 7 am. But oh well. Only looking at a couple inches tonight and today was pretty nice so I was able to get to walmart, run an errand and made it to the gym. And finished all the laundry/got it put away. But I hadn't worked on supper ahead of time so we went through the BK drive through! The kids really enjoyed their nuggets (I got an 8 piece and gave each 4 and they finished them all!). Robert got a haircut and then the kids got a bath (3 days in a row! this has got to be a record!).

So I spent most of the weekend at work-and was so ready to be DONE with that place til I got home. It was busier than I expected for SO much snow (20+ inches). And no supply cart exchange Saturday so I spent a fair amount of time getting supplies. The kids made it through the weekend fine. Wesley made Robert an igloo which he like and there are paths through the yard that Roger snow blowed which the kids love running through!

Mary has been talking and well opinionated recently (picking up stuff from her big brother) and Robert has started tantruming. Not physically but he will cry and cry and cry. Sigh. He screamed all the way to the gym today because he had left a little firetruck that he had meant to take with him and I wouldn't go back for it. He was still screaming over it when I dropped him off! Sigh. Mary is just repeating stuff like "I don't take naps anymore, I don't like that anymore". And it's to the point that if Robert is upset at meal time and I don't think he'll eat I don't make him sit down to the table because then Mary will follow along and not eat either and then they're both starving! But the bond between them is cute too-they hold hands on the way into the gym, you can hear them talking in the mornings, Mary is peeing in the potty just like Robert (with accidents of course but she has figured out how to let pee out-and for Denee was dry all day yesterday except nap!). Ahh siblings!

I just realized I never posted after our appointment last monday. It went fine. They feel she is healing well. I got the authorization letter yesterday from the insurance co authorizing her compression shirt so that's a go. We go back in a couple weeks to try the completed shirt on (they measure 7 places around on each arm alone-they are so precisely fitted!) and then we'll order 1-2 more. They have to be worn 23.5 hours/day so we'll need at least 2, probably 3. and they have to be handwashed, lol. They do come in a few colors. We ordered the first one in beige. And I'm thinking pink and white for the others. We'll have to get new ones every 3-6 months so I guess we'll see how the colors go! They are basically heavy stocking weight. We got 2 temporary ones-just stretchy tubing like her dressings were held on with but more elastic material like an ace wrap. Anyways they seem to be helping some already. And I'm already in the groove of washing them.

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