Wednesday, April 06, 2011

mental blogs

I swear I blog in my head several times a week which really gets me nowhere since I don't get them on.. well whatever.  It's not paper.  e-ink?  If I had actually blogged this week I would have told:

-a crazy story of what I walked home into the other morning.  Mary and Robert were playing in the living room (Wesley was still in bed).  They had blankets out and the little folding couch.  They were taking turns playing "daddy" and "baby".  So first Robert was "daddy", Mary laid down on the folding couch and Robert tucked her in and she whimpered like a baby.  Then Robert laid down on the big couch pretending to sleep.  Then he decided it was time to switch roles so they did.  After that they got out a ton of play food and Mary had a bunch of fruits and veggies in the play collander and she was rinsing them under the faucet.

-how much fun wii zumba is.  I love it!  But the best part was being totally irresponsible and driving to walmart at 9:30 just to buy a game!  So much fun.

-The kids did nursery rhymes last week at school so they have their papers home-including a handprint spider from little miss muffet.  So Mary decides to act it out, she gets out a bowl and a spoon from the play kitchen and sits down at her little table and proceeds to recite this (she even started over for me so I could get all this on video!!).  When the spider comes out Robert got the spider and chased her all over the house with it.  Hilarious!

-Today after school we played outside in the remaining dirt pile.  So much fun.  Robert had his toy excavator and Mary had one of the big dump trucks.  We were moving dirt!

-I've been working really hard to eat better and exercise etc.  Lost 5 lbs in a week which was bizare.  Then I've gained one back somehow.  Sigh.  So I guess I'll see where I am at the end of this week.  My clothes fit much better so that is a good sign!  I've been doing 30 day shred again so I do that thurs-fri-sat-sun and that will complete level 1.  I've been running mon/wed and otherwise doing shred.  I've advanced running this week to hills and then today I did outdoor running/walking.  I think I'll try downloading one of the couch to 5K podcasts onto an MP3 player and use it.  I can do 30 min of straight running on a flat treadmill but not outside!  I had a hard time doing 3/4 mile without walking a minute!