Friday, October 27, 2006

Robert's life

Lazy Mommy!
I have totally been lazy this week and haven't bloged! I've actually been off for over a week now (was called off Monday and work today and this weekend) and we've just been hanging out. OK, so he's been crawling and I've been rescuing him/putting stuff away and childproofing! He's still army crawling but now can open the nightstand drawers (both of them), is thinking about how to get back to a sitting position crawling and is doing an occasional creeping crawl/rocking. We went to story time at the library on Wed (which is more singing and playing than reading) and he did really well there and then we went shopping and then back home. It's going to be hard going back to work this evening after a week with him 24/7 except for an hour 3 times this week while I was at the gym. I don't think Wes is looking forward to it either! Other stuff from this week include lots of hugs (oh, they're great!), learing to crawl into my lap and eating yogurt (he really likes it!). He's so precious, I love being a mommy! Well, got to get stuff ready to go to work, we're meeting Kim (Wes' cousin) and her two kids and Nanny's and then I'm going straight from there to work so I guess I'd better get busy!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Robert's life

It's been a nice weekend here, a perfect mixture of fun stuff and getting stuff done. For fun stuff yesterday I went shopping with a friend and got a great pair of shoes and a mocha late :) and then we went on the Shenandoah Valley Railroad fall scenic excursion from Verona to Pleasant Valley and back. It was a lot of fun although 2 hours is a long time to contain a munchkin! Luckily we were able to sit in a dining car and he had a great time crawling back and forth between us, eating rice chex and rice crispies and looking out the window. Then we went to Crutchfield to see what they had on sale and then out to eat at Jess' 2. Today was church and Robert refused to nap and was clapping, singing and talking. He is SO cute when he claps and he's doing it all the time now! After feeding him I took him back to nursery so he could play and he had a great time. This afternoon we installed a new light over our dining room table (got it on sale last weekend-origionally $99 paid $12.50!), I bathed Snoopy, Wes changed oil in the van and closed up vents, I went though all of Robert's old clothes and put them into under bed containers (how has he outgrown so many clothes already?) and now I'm bloging quick while Robert takes a nap. Oh, and my new diaper bag came in time to take it yesterday and it is PERFECT! I love it.

Robert is in to everything, taking DVD's off the rack, dumping toys everywhere, and is just all over the place. Baby gates are a wonderful invention! He's a ton of fun :)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Day off

Robert's life
Yeah! My first real day off in a week (I was off Monday but was crazy busy doing laundry/grocery shopping plus was at work for an hour or so for a meeting). It's been nice to just chill out at home. Grandma R came for a visit-the first time she's seen Robert since the beach and it was great to have her! Robert has changed so much since then! Today he managed to topple over the wire cart that I keep plastic containers in, move the hitch a few inches accross the kitchen floor and of course entertain mommy and great grandma! He's clapping a lot today, and thankfully started clapping along when I sing to him during diaper changes which for today anyways has kept him from rolling over during them!

I worked until 1:30 each morning the past 2 mornings and I am dead tired today! I'm looking forward to a good night sleep tonight! As soon as Bible Study is over I'm hitting the hay. Maybe I'll make it to the gym tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Robert's life

In to stuff!

Wow, between working and keeping up with Robert my internet time has been severly limited (and what little I've had I've spent trying to decide on a new diaper bag-mine is too small for lugging around blankets/toys/sweatshirts/food/sippy cup.... and I thought newborns needed a lot of stuff! I finally decided on a skip-hop-dash in uptown stripe (in case anyone is interested!)
Robert's toy of the day are the little springy things that keep the door from hitting the wall. I never dreamed they were so much fun, but they really are! And socks are a ton of fun too. (BTW, mom the socks you sent are AWESOME!). I weighed him yesterday at work and he is now 18.2 lbs and 29 inches. No wonder he's getting heavy! I don't carry him without a sling for very long at all-to the car or next door is about the max. Thank heavens the ring sling is so easy to get him in and out of! And the ergo is great for longer trips (like Walmart). OK, off the shopping/product reccomendation kick!
Lets see, new stuff that's going on. Robert has started eating rice chex and rice crispies and does well with both (and loves them!). He's also doing well with shredded peices of chicken off my plate. His pincer grasp is comming along slowly and he can move food from hand to hand and to puppy. He was feeding Snoopy rice chex yesterday and when he stopped she sneezed (which is her way of saying "please"-it's a command we taught her), and looked puzzled when he didn't feed her any more. I wonder how soon she'll have him trained. He is a major roller during diaper changes/dressing-undressing which is getting old fast. If you turn around to get diaper ointment he has rolled himself over and is crawling halfway off the (very low) bed to get the puppy. He's crawling better, starting to get his legs and arms in sync instead of just pulling with his arms and slithering and can get pretty much anywhere he want to get. He loves to crawl to the headboard of our bed and play with the metal inserts (leaves/acorns). They rattle well. Oh and shoes are facinating-his and anyone elses. If I want to show off his crawling I take my shoes and put them accross the room and watch him go for them. I think that the great shoe rack I got for the kitchen maybe wasn't such a great idea after all. He thinks of it as an all you can get buffet! Well, I'm hearing munchkin awake noises so I'd better get and get some stuff done before I have to go to work this afternoon.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Home again

Robert's life as a beach bum
We had a great trip to Ocracoke. I was joking with Wes that I'm never traveling to the beach without Wes' dad again. The weather was perfect even when there was an 80% chance of rain all day-it would rain at night, clear up by mid morning and be 80's and sunny all afternoon-he had spent the weeks before basically begging the weather to be nice and evidently it worked! It was wild. I had packed all cold weather stuff so I was a little on the warm side some days! Robert loved crawling off the blanket onto the grass and picking blades of grass (keeping him from eating it was a job!), eating his first mango (I thought I was giving him a taste, didn't realize he would finish it for me!) and generally getting into everything. He managed to pull the curtain rod and bend it and got the door latch open (standing on my lap)... He's doing great with self feeding, eating cooked carrot peices, banana stalks, the occasional green bean, peices of peach... He also loves mashed potatoes.

As much fun as it was to take him camping it was a lot of work! This probably has been the most challenging camping trip of my life and I have never taken so much stuff with me! Next year should be easier since he will be able to eat more table food/take showers/walk some etc. When he was younger it was easier since he didn't eat solids at all. This time it was just ridiculous! Inflatable duck bathtub, booster seat, baby food, spoons, bibs, toys, pump, bottles, sippy cups, straw cups....

Being able to pump on the road made it possible to get to Ocracoke on Tuesday evening. We made the 11 pm ferry (missed the 10 pm by 15 min!) and were in bed by 12:30 or so

Whoops, baby's up, I'll add more later and pics!

addition: The rest of the week was great, we hung out, walked on the beach, read (although even Roger out-read me, this was a not so great reading vacation!), shopped, went to Hatteras for a day and ate at the Captain's Table (which for Hatteras enthusiasts is where the Tides used to be). It's pretty similar to the Tides but I didn't think the food was quite as good-although the hushpuppies were better. However, it might have been because I was so busy feeding Robert. I ordered him mashed potatoes and they brought them out before our meals and he ate and ate... they were really good! We also spent an hour or so in a bead shop where Peggy made some earings. It was really cool and pretty cheap too! Robert for the most part took everything in stride, didn't nap as well most days but enough to keep from being too cranky. It was wild to watch him pull individual blades of long grass and to touch and explore. I've never seen a 7 month old with such great hand eye co-ordination. On the way home we stopped several places, at the outlet malls in Nags Head (had to look at the baby clothes at Gap!), the pottery in Williamsburg (to add to my Pistoulet collection at the Pfaltzgraff store and our cookie stash at the Pepperidge Farm store), for supper and bathroom breaks, anyways we were on the 9:30 am ferry out of Ocracoke and didn't get home until 10:15 that night! Robert fell asleep at 7 pm and slept all the way home, then played for 1/2 an hour or so and slept through the night! Anyways, for pics pertaining to this blog check out

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Robert's life


We're in high gear getting ready to leave for Ocracoke this afternoon. We're hoping to leave around 3 pm and make the midnight ferry to Ocrackoke! Wes' parents are going to reserve us a campsite near them (they left Friday so are already there). Robert was fantastic yesterday, playing hapily while I worked and napping well which really helped! He's still not crawling well but I guess in a couple weeks I'll wish he wasn't! He certainly loves to roll over during diaper changes! And he's learned how to push Snoopy away when she's kissing him! Well, we'll be back late on the 9th, probably with lots of pictures!