Thursday, October 19, 2006

Day off

Robert's life
Yeah! My first real day off in a week (I was off Monday but was crazy busy doing laundry/grocery shopping plus was at work for an hour or so for a meeting). It's been nice to just chill out at home. Grandma R came for a visit-the first time she's seen Robert since the beach and it was great to have her! Robert has changed so much since then! Today he managed to topple over the wire cart that I keep plastic containers in, move the hitch a few inches accross the kitchen floor and of course entertain mommy and great grandma! He's clapping a lot today, and thankfully started clapping along when I sing to him during diaper changes which for today anyways has kept him from rolling over during them!

I worked until 1:30 each morning the past 2 mornings and I am dead tired today! I'm looking forward to a good night sleep tonight! As soon as Bible Study is over I'm hitting the hay. Maybe I'll make it to the gym tomorrow!

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