Friday, October 27, 2006

Robert's life

Lazy Mommy!
I have totally been lazy this week and haven't bloged! I've actually been off for over a week now (was called off Monday and work today and this weekend) and we've just been hanging out. OK, so he's been crawling and I've been rescuing him/putting stuff away and childproofing! He's still army crawling but now can open the nightstand drawers (both of them), is thinking about how to get back to a sitting position crawling and is doing an occasional creeping crawl/rocking. We went to story time at the library on Wed (which is more singing and playing than reading) and he did really well there and then we went shopping and then back home. It's going to be hard going back to work this evening after a week with him 24/7 except for an hour 3 times this week while I was at the gym. I don't think Wes is looking forward to it either! Other stuff from this week include lots of hugs (oh, they're great!), learing to crawl into my lap and eating yogurt (he really likes it!). He's so precious, I love being a mommy! Well, got to get stuff ready to go to work, we're meeting Kim (Wes' cousin) and her two kids and Nanny's and then I'm going straight from there to work so I guess I'd better get busy!

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