Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I know I haven't posted much recently but it's been a blur. Of work, the hospital move, cleaning up puddles, cleaning up messes, laundry. Lather, rinse, repeat. And then in the middle of it all I had the kids at costco yesterday (we literally had no bread and NO milk). No milk in a house with 2 kids is something akin to a nuclear spill or something. It's an emergency. And since the kids do better at costco than walmart (and that is where we also buy our milk) we went there. Anyways, we were in the eating area having snack (If you can call letting the kids split a ginourmous piece of cheese pizza a snack that is-and believe it or not they actually ate supper too!) and I got up to refill our drink. When I got back the guy next to me said, "your little girl kept calling after you 'mommy, mommy come back, I love you'". Aww! Little stinkers. He tells me that the next thing I know they'll be all grown up and I'll want these days back. Does absence make the heart grow fonder perhaps? He and his wife had 5 kids and home schooled them. They survived and I'm sure I will too.

The kids are all discombobulated from last week and Mary is big time regressing from potty training this week. Sigh. So many freaking puddles in this house! Even when she does pee in the potty she has to empty it herself and today she spilled it all over Daisy. Yesterday Mary made 2 puddles, Daisy made 2 puddles and Snoopy made a puddle. Yes standing right infront of Wesley. She didn't want to go outside and miss the kids eating so she puddled. Argh. And Wesley wanted to know where all the puddle cloths were. Um in the wash that is waiting to be folded-we had completely used up every single puddle cloth! And they are WHINY. Wesley hadn't been home 10 min last eve and he was done so it made me feel better that I was done too!

I hate to admit it but I am ready for the kids to go back to school tomorrow. Wesley wants me to send them full time even if I don't work full time but for some reason that makes me feel really, really, really guilty. Maybe we'll do 4 days a week which will leave us a free day to have fun :) I am tired, my house is a wreck and I've spent days working on it and I am done.

Confessions of a bad mommy

Friday, June 25, 2010

where to start...

It's been a little crazy around here and then everytime I think I'll blog I can't figure out what to say and it seems too overwhelming. It's still overwhelming, so I'll just sum it up

-the hospital move went well. And the last 2 nights have gone well too. We're still learning our way around but over all it's been really great.
-Daisy's doing fairly well. She is still coughing so I took her to the vet and he started her on antibiotics and now she's puking after the antibiotics. Sigh. Need to sort that out tomorrow. Pee accidents have been a little better.
-The kids are in VBS this week and LOVE it! Love it, love it, love it. And daycare has been working on Robert's fear of the vaccuum and he is so much better :)
-Mary is pretty much potty trained and wears panties all day, even at school and even at VBS :) :) :)
-had a good visit with mom and dad over Father's day. Did not enjoy the stomach bug that Mary gave me and then Robert got. But we're all better now!
-did I mention the kids LOVE VBS???
-we were going to go camping this weekend but it looks too hot so we'll just do some day stuff instead

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Daisy Dawg

Finally a (non SPCA) glimpse of our newest family member! She's fitting in just fine with the rest of the crazy/lazy/potty training members of the family (Robert is crazy, Snoopy lazy and Mary potty training!). We had a couple rough days and she and Snoopy still get into it occasionally but over all it hasn't been bad. And she has been PERFECT with the kids. Robert was running a matchbox car on her back while the vet was examining her and she just sat there. The vet was impressed. The vet thinks she is older than 4. 5 or 6 at least but should live to be 15ish with good luck since she's such a small dog (17 lbs). I think that her being older has really helped her settle in well-she is calm and not puppy crazy by any means. She's a snuggle bug, loves to curl up on your lap or sleep at your feet while you're watching TV or reading. We crate her during the day when we're gone and at night. That seems to be working well. She's only barked a couple times-once being today when a salesman came by trying to sell educational books. She had her vet appointment today. Overall healthy, no heartwoms but has intestinal worms. So we are de-worming and scooping poop.

Mary has been doing great with potty training-no accidents at all today and I even took her to the vet in undies (and forgot the diaper bag so I was sweating a little!). She peed there and was fine. This evening Wesley had her a little while I was next door helping put supper together (we grill together probably once a week or so) and she was quiet and then he heard a noise-Mary had gone potty in her little potty and was emptying it in the big potty! That's what I like to see! She has to pee all.the.time but I'm sure that will improve soon! I think we've been 2 weeks without a poop in the diaper and I've been keeping her in undies (sorry panties as she says!) at home-I just put shorts on if we're going somewhere. I LOVE it! I just bought a big bag of pull ups-maybe I shouldn't have! She's in diapers at night which fit a little better I think. Wesley is hoping she spaces out her peeing before the Chicago trip or it will take 20 hours to get there!

Work has been crazy. We're at less than 2 weeks til we move to the new hospital. I guess we'll be ready! It's been crazy to say the least. I'll be sooooooo glad to be in and settled.