Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I know I haven't posted much recently but it's been a blur. Of work, the hospital move, cleaning up puddles, cleaning up messes, laundry. Lather, rinse, repeat. And then in the middle of it all I had the kids at costco yesterday (we literally had no bread and NO milk). No milk in a house with 2 kids is something akin to a nuclear spill or something. It's an emergency. And since the kids do better at costco than walmart (and that is where we also buy our milk) we went there. Anyways, we were in the eating area having snack (If you can call letting the kids split a ginourmous piece of cheese pizza a snack that is-and believe it or not they actually ate supper too!) and I got up to refill our drink. When I got back the guy next to me said, "your little girl kept calling after you 'mommy, mommy come back, I love you'". Aww! Little stinkers. He tells me that the next thing I know they'll be all grown up and I'll want these days back. Does absence make the heart grow fonder perhaps? He and his wife had 5 kids and home schooled them. They survived and I'm sure I will too.

The kids are all discombobulated from last week and Mary is big time regressing from potty training this week. Sigh. So many freaking puddles in this house! Even when she does pee in the potty she has to empty it herself and today she spilled it all over Daisy. Yesterday Mary made 2 puddles, Daisy made 2 puddles and Snoopy made a puddle. Yes standing right infront of Wesley. She didn't want to go outside and miss the kids eating so she puddled. Argh. And Wesley wanted to know where all the puddle cloths were. Um in the wash that is waiting to be folded-we had completely used up every single puddle cloth! And they are WHINY. Wesley hadn't been home 10 min last eve and he was done so it made me feel better that I was done too!

I hate to admit it but I am ready for the kids to go back to school tomorrow. Wesley wants me to send them full time even if I don't work full time but for some reason that makes me feel really, really, really guilty. Maybe we'll do 4 days a week which will leave us a free day to have fun :) I am tired, my house is a wreck and I've spent days working on it and I am done.

Confessions of a bad mommy


Jodi said...

you are SO not a bad mommy!

the situation may be bad...

heck...it may even be frustrating...

but you are NOT a bad mommy!

i do a quarter of what you do...and i need a break. i can't imagine how you feel!

The Liebers said...

If Mommy is whiny and cranky it makes a bad mommy. Don't ever feel guilty about taking time for yourself! I see moms who ignore their kids on a regular basis, so I know the difference between taking a break and abandoning your kids. You would never do the latter.