Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Robert is definitely back to normal now. He loves to explore outside and no longer is solely focused on going up and down the driveway. Every day it seems like he finds a new part of our or Wes' parents yard to explore and explores it thoroughly! Last night it was the ramp going to Roger's shed (where he keeps the lawnmover). We went up and down and up and down and up and down! :) It was cute. At work yesterday I walked by the gift shop (about 10 times, I was delivering the procedure manuals-we are finally done!) and kept seeing this dog so I eventually bought it for Robert and Peggy's collection
Peggy has quite a few stuffed pugs on her desk and Robert loves to go play with them. So I had to get it for them! Robert loved it; held it, talked to it, played with it's tail. It was SO cute! I was hoping to add a picture of Robert this weekend but something isn't working well with Wes' computer so I can't! :(

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Robert continues to delight us all and amaze us (and tire us out!). His current fascinations include ring around the rosy, climbing on (parked and off!) riding mowers, watching scenic train movies (thanks Wes!), climbing everything and just generally exploring and expermienting. Yesterday I looked over to see that he was walking backwards! I have no idea where he figured that out from! He's also responding well to simple commands (bring me your shoes, ring the bell) and talking more and more. His new words include "yeah", "train", "tree", and I think I heard well (I think it was meant to be bell) yesterday. He's got all 8 of his front teeth now, so hopefully that is it for a while.

On Monday I got a call at work that he was throwing up. I wasn't lead teacher that day (each day there is 1 lead and 2-3 auxillary teachers for each group-usually 2-3 groups going at a time-the auxillary teachers answer questions and make sure people are where they need to be) and wasn't slated to teach anything til after lunch. So I picked him up and took him to sick day care on peds. Monday evening he felt pretty bad, somewhat better Tuesday (no fever or vomiting) and yesterday he was well enough to go back to Erica's. Today he looks good.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

A whole month, huh :)

Whoops, I knew it had been a long time, but not this long! So, here we go! Robert's current obsession is climbing. Climbing the chairs to the table to eat cheerios, climbing stuff to get to the counter, climbing the stairs (doing really well and turning himself around and going backwards to get down), climbing, climbing, climbing. We have an outside swing under a tree at Roger and Peggy's and he really enjoys swinging on that. He's trying to say swing but it sounds like tink or wink or something. It's cute. He's talking more and trying to imitate what I say and I name stuff.

And naturally his other obsession is eating (got to replace all those calories you burn climbing!). His current favorite is drinking yogurt out of his straw cup. He loves it! He's also enjoying eating garlic bread and toast (he licks the jelly off and then eats the toast), mini muffins, various cracker type stuff. He loves to crunch stuff between his teeth. And of course ice cream.

I'm starting to see some toddler defiance which is hard. We carried him out of lowes crying last night-he wanted to stay and play with the lawn mower tracters some more. He loves lawn mower tracters (don't worry we don't let him ride them-just sit on Nanny's when he visits her etc)! But then he was as good as gold through a 45 minute wait to go out to eat (luckily we were near a place that has a small park area-fountain, some plants/ginko trees, short stairs and we were able to let him run around there) and was perfect for supper-which started at 8 and ended shortly after 9-his bedtime. I changed him for bed in the car and he fell asleep on the way home-and is still asleep!

My job is still going well, we start "super user" training this week (nurse directors and certain computer savy people from each unit who will help other users) and then main training the week after. ACK