Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A day off finally!

Which is hilarious considering I just answered the phone and they wanted me to work-for double pay from 7-11 pm and I turned them down flat. I think I'm going to be working 36 hours this week so no thanks!

sun 16 hour
mon "off" sleeping!
tues off
wed 8 hour
thurs 4 hours + an hour or so to take my rhythm test-ugh
fri 8 hour
yes =36 hours. No thanks! And yes 4 of the hours I did sun were double pay night shift coordiator. Sweet! I don't think it will be a problem to get my hours in this winter!

Mary has been talking full sentences all week-it's crazy. Today she looked at me and said "stop it mommy". Um nice sentence but you don't say that to mommy! She told Keelia (baby sitter's daughter) yesterday to buckle in the baby doll... it's non stop. She loves to sit and read with me-I was going to pack up the kids this morning and go to the gym and then to walmart after lunch and nap but they ambushed me and forced me to snuggle with them and read and what could I do? So I guess we'll do both after nap. I have Wesley going to costco for me so that will help some! The weekend went fine but both nights were BUSY. Like never sit down for a minute busy. And this week is busy too. In addition to work I need to finish Robert's halloween costume (we're ALL going as pirates!), make chex mix and wash some canning jars for apple butter time and must study rhythms some more. Sat is apple butter and then halloween so it's going to be a long and busy day too.

On a more personal front I've lost another lb and just have 3 more to go to get back to the before Robert weight! Sweeeeeeeeeeet. My goal was by Thanksgiving and I think I'll make it! I've lost a lb each week the last 2...

Friday, October 23, 2009

a fun day and a busy weekend ahead!

While I'm waiting for Mary to settle down for her nap (she fell asleep in the car) I'll blog quick-then I really need to get her stocking out and start working on it again! We had a really great playdate today at Mary Beth's and I'm looking forward to a fun afternoon/evening although feeling a little guilty about leaving the kids tonight to hang out with Heather since I'll be working Sat and Sun eve and maybe mon too. BTW which is worse: 3p-3a Sat then 3p-7a Sun or 3p-3a Sat, 3p-3a Sun and then 3p-7p Mon? I can't decide. They both sound bad. But maybe with enough caffeine the first will be better? Speaking of caffeine I've discovered starbucks canned double shot drink-140 calories 100+ mg of caffeine = I can do anything all night! Even then go home shower, remember that I could have gotten a swine flu shot, take the kids to the babysitter, get a flu shot and go back home. So, pretty potent stuff. Well I just got Mary out-she had a stinky diaper-and changed her and now she's back in the pack n play screaming. Ohy. Nap time disaster! An evening away from the kids is sounding better every second. Except they'll be so tired they'll go to bed at 7:30, lol.

Wesley brought the kids home a box to play with last night and turned it into a house. It's super cute and they are loving it! I drew some flowers/trees on it and they've been coloring it with crayons.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

my goodness

what a few weeks! It's been over 2 weeks since I blogged? Yikes. Well between Wesley being sick and mom rescuing us and then camping and then getting ready for dad's party it's been crazy around here and I've been cleaning instead of blogging. Oh and studying for PALS which is thankfully OVER. Now I get to study for my rhythm test (next week) and for ACLS (Nov 17&18) and finish Mary's stocking and get my portfolio done for clinical ladders... yes still trying to find some balance in this crazy life. My house is clean and I've got work stuff done and I don't get to the gym. I get to the gym and the house falls apart. I guess I still need to learn moderation!

Well, we had a GREAT time at the beach. It was really fun. The kids were able to play in the sand, water and climbing trees. They ate crap and stayed dirty. There was a great pirate ship playset which Robert loved and lots of doggies which made Mary happy. We stayed at first landing park in VA beach and it was so much fun. Great campsites, clean bathrooms etc. I was able to get most of my studying done for PALS (pediatric advanced life support) done there. We got home Monday at 2:10 and I left with the kids at 2:15 to be at work at 3-and then was a CA on one floor for 4 hours and then another for 4 hours. I was SO tired that night. Tuesday I did 8 loads of laundry and then worked all night (and it was a great night-I even finished my PALS studying). Wed I slept and then folded the 8 loads of clothes organized all our clothes. Then Thursday I stayed home (and sent the kids to the babysitters) and cleaned house for 9 straight hours (ugh). Friday was PALS and then Sat was dad's party and then Caleb's party. Today we went to church then had leftovers, put the kids down for naps and then Dad took Mary to visit his mom and Mom Wesley, Robert and I went to Schewels and Grand to look at couch/loveseat combos. I think we've figured out what we want (reclining sofa from lazy boy) but want to see what Town and Country have/what their prices are. We have mom and dad's hand off furniture that we got from them 8+ years ago (and they had gotten it from someone else). I would guess they are about 15 years old. So I'm excited about getting something new (thanks to some prodding from mom!) :)

Friday, October 02, 2009

another Robert

I forgot the best one. Robert was awake when Mary woke up from a nap and we went to get her from the pack n play in our room. He went right to her, gave her a hug and said "good morning little sister, I love you".

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Robert funnies!

Robert has been so cute recently (not really his behavior but his talking). Today we were outside playing and he went over to see "my ladybugs" and said "hello little ladybugs, how are you today? I'm really glad to see you!". I thought I was going to die laughing. It was so cute. He is also trying to figure out knock knock jokes. We've gotten the tubba toothpaste one right once or twice otherwise he just makes them up as he goes along and laughs and laughs. He knows he's funny! This evening I had to take them both to a meeting at work and he was getting antsy and hit his bottom as he was jumping up at the table and looked back at his butt and said loudly "I hurt my but, I hurt my but". Everyone laughed.

what a week!

I know it's only Thursday but since Wesley has been home every day except Monday it seems much longer. I am so not used to him being home during the week-especially when I have to keep the kids away from him. In other words its been a long and frustrating week. I had 2 3-11 shifts back to back as orientation on 5E which were fine but its still a learning curve. I feel like a brand new nurse with lots of experience if that makes any sense. I know a lot but in other ways I know nothing. So having Wesley home sick (and he won't go upstairs and be sick, he has to be in the middle of everything here or in our room) and my routine messed up AND new learning is ackkkkkk. And I'm grumpy cause I'm not getting enough sleep and Robert isn't napping and I'm dieting. So there. Poor Wesley. The gym has been my saving grace. We went this morning simply to get away and so I would get a break from keeping the kids away from Wesley. I ran 1/5 mile and then just walked the treadmill for the rest of the hour while watching Emerill do a show on kid favorites. Which has to be my favorite Emerill show now. Not that there was much competition. Yesterday I ran 1.5 miles straight and did weights so I really didn't want to run a ton more today so it was nice just to chill out.

Denee actually ended up keeping the kids til 7:30 last night and then Roger picked them up and helped put them to bed (he had watched them Tues night for Wes). God bless both of them! I have a staff meeting at 6 tonight and I don't know if Wesley is going to be able to watch them or if I'm going to have to take them with me. I do hope he's better enough to watch them tomorrow while I go to a scrapbook crop. Fingers crossed!