Thursday, October 01, 2009

what a week!

I know it's only Thursday but since Wesley has been home every day except Monday it seems much longer. I am so not used to him being home during the week-especially when I have to keep the kids away from him. In other words its been a long and frustrating week. I had 2 3-11 shifts back to back as orientation on 5E which were fine but its still a learning curve. I feel like a brand new nurse with lots of experience if that makes any sense. I know a lot but in other ways I know nothing. So having Wesley home sick (and he won't go upstairs and be sick, he has to be in the middle of everything here or in our room) and my routine messed up AND new learning is ackkkkkk. And I'm grumpy cause I'm not getting enough sleep and Robert isn't napping and I'm dieting. So there. Poor Wesley. The gym has been my saving grace. We went this morning simply to get away and so I would get a break from keeping the kids away from Wesley. I ran 1/5 mile and then just walked the treadmill for the rest of the hour while watching Emerill do a show on kid favorites. Which has to be my favorite Emerill show now. Not that there was much competition. Yesterday I ran 1.5 miles straight and did weights so I really didn't want to run a ton more today so it was nice just to chill out.

Denee actually ended up keeping the kids til 7:30 last night and then Roger picked them up and helped put them to bed (he had watched them Tues night for Wes). God bless both of them! I have a staff meeting at 6 tonight and I don't know if Wesley is going to be able to watch them or if I'm going to have to take them with me. I do hope he's better enough to watch them tomorrow while I go to a scrapbook crop. Fingers crossed!

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