Sunday, October 18, 2009

my goodness

what a few weeks! It's been over 2 weeks since I blogged? Yikes. Well between Wesley being sick and mom rescuing us and then camping and then getting ready for dad's party it's been crazy around here and I've been cleaning instead of blogging. Oh and studying for PALS which is thankfully OVER. Now I get to study for my rhythm test (next week) and for ACLS (Nov 17&18) and finish Mary's stocking and get my portfolio done for clinical ladders... yes still trying to find some balance in this crazy life. My house is clean and I've got work stuff done and I don't get to the gym. I get to the gym and the house falls apart. I guess I still need to learn moderation!

Well, we had a GREAT time at the beach. It was really fun. The kids were able to play in the sand, water and climbing trees. They ate crap and stayed dirty. There was a great pirate ship playset which Robert loved and lots of doggies which made Mary happy. We stayed at first landing park in VA beach and it was so much fun. Great campsites, clean bathrooms etc. I was able to get most of my studying done for PALS (pediatric advanced life support) done there. We got home Monday at 2:10 and I left with the kids at 2:15 to be at work at 3-and then was a CA on one floor for 4 hours and then another for 4 hours. I was SO tired that night. Tuesday I did 8 loads of laundry and then worked all night (and it was a great night-I even finished my PALS studying). Wed I slept and then folded the 8 loads of clothes organized all our clothes. Then Thursday I stayed home (and sent the kids to the babysitters) and cleaned house for 9 straight hours (ugh). Friday was PALS and then Sat was dad's party and then Caleb's party. Today we went to church then had leftovers, put the kids down for naps and then Dad took Mary to visit his mom and Mom Wesley, Robert and I went to Schewels and Grand to look at couch/loveseat combos. I think we've figured out what we want (reclining sofa from lazy boy) but want to see what Town and Country have/what their prices are. We have mom and dad's hand off furniture that we got from them 8+ years ago (and they had gotten it from someone else). I would guess they are about 15 years old. So I'm excited about getting something new (thanks to some prodding from mom!) :)

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