Friday, October 23, 2009

a fun day and a busy weekend ahead!

While I'm waiting for Mary to settle down for her nap (she fell asleep in the car) I'll blog quick-then I really need to get her stocking out and start working on it again! We had a really great playdate today at Mary Beth's and I'm looking forward to a fun afternoon/evening although feeling a little guilty about leaving the kids tonight to hang out with Heather since I'll be working Sat and Sun eve and maybe mon too. BTW which is worse: 3p-3a Sat then 3p-7a Sun or 3p-3a Sat, 3p-3a Sun and then 3p-7p Mon? I can't decide. They both sound bad. But maybe with enough caffeine the first will be better? Speaking of caffeine I've discovered starbucks canned double shot drink-140 calories 100+ mg of caffeine = I can do anything all night! Even then go home shower, remember that I could have gotten a swine flu shot, take the kids to the babysitter, get a flu shot and go back home. So, pretty potent stuff. Well I just got Mary out-she had a stinky diaper-and changed her and now she's back in the pack n play screaming. Ohy. Nap time disaster! An evening away from the kids is sounding better every second. Except they'll be so tired they'll go to bed at 7:30, lol.

Wesley brought the kids home a box to play with last night and turned it into a house. It's super cute and they are loving it! I drew some flowers/trees on it and they've been coloring it with crayons.

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Jodi said...

I REMEMBER THE BOX HOUSE!!! we would cut up other boxes and tape/glue shutters on the box or add a garage or something...SO FUN!