Friday, October 12, 2007

TV addict

Sigh, my son is turning into a TV addict and mommy don't care. Admittedly it's all good kids stuff but still :) At least he also loves to read and play outside! He loves to go through the field behind the house (which they have "mowed" the corn out of) and shucking kernels of corn left behind and visit the cows. "moo, moo?"

Wes and I took off for 24 hours Saturday/Sunday and left Robert with Wes' parents and a friend of mine (Heather). Wes' dad Saturday afternoon, Heather that evening and overnight and Wes' parents again Sunday. Wes' mom had found a tractor DVD at the library which he watched Sat while with Roger. The first thing he did Sunday when he got there was pick up the case, point to the TV and say "watch, on". Wes' dad was thrilled. He's really starting to communicate which is nice. He can point out what he wants to do/eat and really is starting to have definite ideas of what he does and does not want to do. Which admittedly comes with melt downs over not getting to do what he wants to do. But life's like that! He's had a runny nose the last couple days and his second molar has popped through and his bottom 2 are still really swollen too. Poor guy.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


That's Robert's newest word. It's so cute, almost niiiCe! The first time I heard it he was petting an ear of corn (dried that he and Wes found in the field when they went to visit the "mow" (tractor that mowed the corn). He loves that ear of corn. He says "koRn" very distinct K and R sounds. So cute. But not as cute as what he did yesterday. He had reached into the fridge while I was getting out some water and handed me the bag of grapes so I washed a few and put them in a bowl for snack. I let him eat them in the living room (I was sitting in there trying to figure out what to bake for a bake sale tomorrow). When he was done he picked up the bowl and went into the dinning room with it. I figured he was going to let snoopy lick the water out of it. No, he took it into the kitchen and stuck it in the sink! The sink that he can't see yet. This is the second time he's done that, it just floors me. Wes and I were laughing that he's better trained than Wesley is! Wesley says he must have gotten some of my neat genetics. Then he pointed to the fridge and signed please so I opened it and he looked for his milk (we were out) and said "milk" so I poured him a cup of our milk and he said "thank you". What a kid! Wes' parents took him to Lowes last night while Wes and I went to dinner (pooh on panera for discontinuing their tuscan chicken sandwich!) and apparently he had a ball with the lawn mowers and the inflatable Christmas decorations. He got home shortly before 9, I was about to call and inform them that he was about to break curfew!