Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New(used) Van!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we got a new(used) van today :) A 02 Dodge Caravan with dual sliding doors :) It's maroon. And has I dunno 40 or 50 K miles. Much better than Wesley's 92 with 204 K. I'm so excited although Wesley pointed out a couple things tonight that make it less exciting for the use on long trips-the headrest on the front seats is solid so our DVD player attacher won't fit (argh!) and although there is latch on the middle seats there isn't on the back seat so we can't just move them around like we thought we could-or we could we would just need to use seatbelts or something. I dunno, I'm at work getting this info second hand. :)- He did manage to get the car seats installed and Robert wanted to go for a ride with "Mary and Snoopy" so the 4 of them went to B'Water and back in it and supposedly all were pleased :). 3 year olds, what will you do with them. :)

Robert is so cute with his little sayings. Mostly it is "I didn't do x". Which generally means he did do it. "I didn't pull snoopy's tail, push Mary, climb the chair and get daddy's (model) car...." ohy. And then when he sees me in scrubs he wants "Mommy to take off my flowers". I think he has his pronouns wrong but it's cute! He also wants mommy to take off her shoes. In fact he really doesn't like for me to wear shoes period.

We went for Mary's 15 month checkup today. If I were a good mommy I would remember her weight. 22 lb and 4 oz maybe? She's 50% for wt and 75% for height this time. I'm guessing she's headed for a growth spurt soon the way she's been packing it in recently.

Med-surg beds and staffing are really tight right now. Although you wouldn't know it from my sitting here blogging would you? I feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. But until it does I'll just keep doing my job, one admission at a time and hope that I still have a few beds in the morning and that they clear out tomorrow so tomorrow night goes better!

Oh meant to add that Wesley's grandma is back in the hospital for renal failure this time. She really isn't doing well at all.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another night....

It seems like the only time I post anymore is when I work nights. It's been a while so it's been a while since I posted. Because when I'm not at work I have more important things to do like keep Mary from falling off the table. Or harvesting crops on facebook. You know, the important things in life! I'm enjoying a little lull here at work, with just sporadic admissions and a little time before I need to make my second rounds and then print and copy the unit census sheets for tomorrow. If you do them too early you have to hand write in the new admissions that you get from then on so you might as well wait until at least 4. But if you wait too long then a bunch of stuff goes wrong at 5 and you are still frantically copying at 7 when the next coordinator comes in. Darned if you do, darned if you don't! It's been a nice week, I've only worked 24 hours (including tonight!) which is fabulous! I've gotten some housework and some baking done and just spent time with the kids! They wear me out, let me tell you. Little crazy kidlets. Especially Mary-she's a wild one. She did develop a runny nose today so maybe her cough thing was post nasal drip. Last night when she woke up coughing I listened to her and didn't hear any wheezing so I guess my psuedo diagnosis of reactive airway junk was inaccurate. But we'll see. She goes Friday for her 15 month checkup.

I remembered something that I forgot to blog about last week. That night from you-know-where 3 weeks ago today when EVERYTHING went wrong, we spent 45 minutes coding a guy who we almost lost. Well, the other day I was doing a meditech thing and happened by him as he was GOING HOME. I hadn't seen him since he had been extubated and out of CCU. I couldn't believe that he was up, walking, normal.... Praise God. I mean we were minutes from calling that code (saying it was over) when we got a pulse back finally-like 3 rounds of shocking and 4 rounds of every med known to mankind. And yes, you do levitate when they shock you-especially when you up the charge. Oh and tonight I heard that the baby which was another part of the horrible night is still alive! I was sure that he wasn't going to make it either. That was a 3.5 hour code...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Not me Monday

Being a good nurse mommy I would have NEVER ever ever let my kids eat cantaloupe that spilled from the container onto my not so clean camper floor. Oh, no, not me!

I would never fish a cigarette butt out of my daughter's mouth with no more than a "that's yucky" and not even a thought that I should have been able to prevent it (it is yucky but does she have to eat EVERYTHING she finds) and no we have not taken up smoking, we were on a public beach and I dare say I was almost the only one that wasn't smoking!

I would certainly not have eaten an entire costco muffin EVERY day for breakfast for the last 3 days while still saying that I want to loose a couple pounds. Nor would I be joining the family in assisting in the demolition of an entire box of chip ahoy cookies over 3 days. No not me.

Salamaters and Muddle Pirate oh My!

We’re back, Mary is a little brown girl and Robert had a blast catching “salamaters” (salamanders) in the lake and seeing the tadpoles and digging in the sand. It was fabulous-well except for Sat pm where it rained ALL AFTERNOON and most of the evening. But even after that we went splashing in the “muddle pirates” (mud puddles) and he had a great time with that too. He basically had a great time doing everything. Todd lake was perfect for us this weekend. The lake, the playset, the paths (2 laps twice a day+outdoor living=good tired kids and dog!).

It was so neat to see Wesley with the kidlets. I don't often get to see him interact this way with them. He spent a lot of time working with Robert on riding his little bike. We're not there yet but getting closer! Plus some vigorous games of pirates (even puppy, fish and turtle {Robert's stuffed animals} joined in-although turtle does not like being a pirate). Plus today he spent a bunch of time with Robert and the "salamaters", crawfish and tadpoles.

Sunday was a gorgeous day, the kids and I were out morning and afternoon at the lake (so was Wes but he had to hang out with Snoopy-she wasn't allowed on the beach). In the morning there were 2 or 3 other families who were in the middle of building this lake with salamanders which they were then digging a cannal so that they could escape back into the real lake. So my kids joined in. Mary mainly to sit in the mud and splash. Robert to ooh and ahh over the "salamaters" and the tadpoles (aren't they cuuuuuuute!-um yeah) and hold them and throw them back into the lake. Those poor "salamaters" I'm sure they're glad the weekend is over, they have been captured and thrown back a ton I'm sure. In the afternoon the whole place was full of families with kids and floaties and cigarettes and beach blankets and more kids. I mean covered. Kids everywhere digging holes, in and out of the water, eating sand, digging ditches, catching salamanders... I have never seen so many happy wiggling boddies. And toys were more or less common property and everyone just joined in whereever they wanted to and it was fun. Mary hung out with another family who had a 1 year old and he hung out with me some and I taught one little girl how to do a dribble castle.... it was just nuts. The lake is tiny and pretty shallow for the swimming area and Robert had no interest in going in (it was kinda cold one day). Mary on the other hand is a mini me and goes wading as far as she can. Crazy girlie.

Mary’s booster seat was in a folding chair with cup holders and she would tear her food into small pieces and push them through the cup holder to the “garbage disposal” (Snoopy) at the other end. That girl! She can be 5 places at once and will eat anything that stays still long enough. She has napped and slept well I can assure you of that. She is just wiped out at nap and bed time. But I think this is the most actual walking she has ever done. She did really well!

Roger and Peggy came for supper last night and it was good to have them up. Roger's mom (granny) hasn't been well and is now in a nursing home and they're having to deal with putting her house up for sale etc. It's a hard decision to make. She was hospitalized Wednesday and Thursday night she pulled out her IV line and they couldn't get it restarted so Roger called Wes to find out if I was working (I was on Peds) and the nurse called me to see if I would come and restart it, which I did. And proceded to tape it like I do for our 3 year olds. Apparently it lasted until she went home the next afternoon so I must have done OK taping it :) I need to take Mary up to see her and get some more pics of them together since Mary is her name sake.

Well better get back to laundry. Just wanted to get this in before I forgot about the salamaters and the muddle pirates :) Can't wait to see him at the beach. He was talking about it the other day and actually said "uncle Rob and aunt Kavitha"!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Crazy Mary!

Mary is cracking me up this weekend/week! Well until this afternoon-I'll get there in a minute. She figured out how to climb over the sofa yesterday (so up the sofa, over the gate to the office area). sigh. And then on the coffee table. Sigh. I guess I should have figured that she would get this when she can climb the ladder to the playset. Sigh. Oh and evidently she ate some (clean thankfully-I had just changed it out-thanks dad for buying new sand!) sand yesterday while I was hanging clothes on the line 'cause she's been a little sandy butt today-and hasn't been in the sand today IYKWIM. She also feeds her babies (and tried to feed me a bottle today, lol), jabbers non stop and toddles so cutely. She is so adorable!

Yesterday was a good day home with the kids-I actually got a sunburn (oops! wore a tank top instead of my usual short sleeved shirt and the tops of my shoulders and part of my back got it-you can tell where I did spray a part of my back but I mised some) but the kids were fine and took GOOD naps. :). I did a million loads of laundry and hung them out (sheets, towels, clothes, rugs, shower curtain, etc, etc, etc). I was beat and in bed before 10.

Today we went to the wellness center (gym play as Robert calls it!) where I walked/ran 2.75 miles and did some weights. Then Mary was fussy at nap time and at some point was burning up and her temp was 103. So Wesley stayed home with her tonight while Roger and Peggy took Robert to Nanny night. She seems fine when her temp is down-so not sure what is going on with her or what we'll end up doing tomorrow. A lady at church has offered to babysit if need be in the morning so that's a relief. I have to be back at work form 3p-7p to help with the ED meditech go live (they have a meditech inpatient nurse here for the first several days to help floor nurses figure out where to look for their info. But I can always bring her with me for sick day care. I am hoping that she will be fine in the am and all this will be a moot point! I know she's got some teeth comming in so maybe it's a combo of that and the sand :) I called Wes about 8 and she was already in bed and was doing fine. Now I'm sitting here worrying about her, ugh it's so hard to be away from them when they are sick!

Needless to say I didn't get a nap today (Mary napped on me when she did nap and Snoopy wanted in and out and in and out) and luckily I had a coupon for a free iced coffee from starbucks. Wow, that's some potent stuff. I think I should be good for a while with that :) But really, not so tastey and I think origionally would have been $1.75 or $2.75 or something like that. Not worth it!

Well work has been calling so I hope this isn't too disjointed. We're headed away this weekend to Todd lake to camp-so inbetween everything else we have to get ready to do that. I work tonight, 3p-7p tomorrow, 3p-3a thurs and then off, off, off. If I accepted everything people have wanted me to work I would have worked a million hours this week. At this point getting my hours in has not been an issue!

I have been saddened to hear that my best friend from JA lost her dad this week. This sort of thing shouldn't happen to people my age :( I feel so helpless to do anything for her either. So please keep Francine and her mom in your prayers...

Friday, June 05, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

Since I haven't gone to bed yet I declare that it is still Thursday. So there :)

-For Mr HVAC finally being finished up today/yesterday (hip hip horray!)
-For a better night-Sun at the end was pretty crazy-I forgot to call in PACU (ooops!!!!!!!!!!) when I called in OR and I had a death at 6:30. Tonight has been busy (21 admissions!) but not horrible. I'll take it! I left work almost crying Sat and Sun so hopefully today I won't!
-For my sweet hubby :)
-For the cutest kids ever!
-For a great hospital to work at.

Um, for sleep-bring it on! I'm signed up to go to an appreciation breakfast for the meditech group-it's from 8:30-9:30. I don't know if I'll still be alive by then, I guess I'll see.

I wish I could tell you cute things about the kids but in reality I only saw them for supper last night. So I guess Denee is the expert on them this week!