Monday, June 15, 2009

Salamaters and Muddle Pirate oh My!

We’re back, Mary is a little brown girl and Robert had a blast catching “salamaters” (salamanders) in the lake and seeing the tadpoles and digging in the sand. It was fabulous-well except for Sat pm where it rained ALL AFTERNOON and most of the evening. But even after that we went splashing in the “muddle pirates” (mud puddles) and he had a great time with that too. He basically had a great time doing everything. Todd lake was perfect for us this weekend. The lake, the playset, the paths (2 laps twice a day+outdoor living=good tired kids and dog!).

It was so neat to see Wesley with the kidlets. I don't often get to see him interact this way with them. He spent a lot of time working with Robert on riding his little bike. We're not there yet but getting closer! Plus some vigorous games of pirates (even puppy, fish and turtle {Robert's stuffed animals} joined in-although turtle does not like being a pirate). Plus today he spent a bunch of time with Robert and the "salamaters", crawfish and tadpoles.

Sunday was a gorgeous day, the kids and I were out morning and afternoon at the lake (so was Wes but he had to hang out with Snoopy-she wasn't allowed on the beach). In the morning there were 2 or 3 other families who were in the middle of building this lake with salamanders which they were then digging a cannal so that they could escape back into the real lake. So my kids joined in. Mary mainly to sit in the mud and splash. Robert to ooh and ahh over the "salamaters" and the tadpoles (aren't they cuuuuuuute!-um yeah) and hold them and throw them back into the lake. Those poor "salamaters" I'm sure they're glad the weekend is over, they have been captured and thrown back a ton I'm sure. In the afternoon the whole place was full of families with kids and floaties and cigarettes and beach blankets and more kids. I mean covered. Kids everywhere digging holes, in and out of the water, eating sand, digging ditches, catching salamanders... I have never seen so many happy wiggling boddies. And toys were more or less common property and everyone just joined in whereever they wanted to and it was fun. Mary hung out with another family who had a 1 year old and he hung out with me some and I taught one little girl how to do a dribble castle.... it was just nuts. The lake is tiny and pretty shallow for the swimming area and Robert had no interest in going in (it was kinda cold one day). Mary on the other hand is a mini me and goes wading as far as she can. Crazy girlie.

Mary’s booster seat was in a folding chair with cup holders and she would tear her food into small pieces and push them through the cup holder to the “garbage disposal” (Snoopy) at the other end. That girl! She can be 5 places at once and will eat anything that stays still long enough. She has napped and slept well I can assure you of that. She is just wiped out at nap and bed time. But I think this is the most actual walking she has ever done. She did really well!

Roger and Peggy came for supper last night and it was good to have them up. Roger's mom (granny) hasn't been well and is now in a nursing home and they're having to deal with putting her house up for sale etc. It's a hard decision to make. She was hospitalized Wednesday and Thursday night she pulled out her IV line and they couldn't get it restarted so Roger called Wes to find out if I was working (I was on Peds) and the nurse called me to see if I would come and restart it, which I did. And proceded to tape it like I do for our 3 year olds. Apparently it lasted until she went home the next afternoon so I must have done OK taping it :) I need to take Mary up to see her and get some more pics of them together since Mary is her name sake.

Well better get back to laundry. Just wanted to get this in before I forgot about the salamaters and the muddle pirates :) Can't wait to see him at the beach. He was talking about it the other day and actually said "uncle Rob and aunt Kavitha"!

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