Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New(used) Van!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we got a new(used) van today :) A 02 Dodge Caravan with dual sliding doors :) It's maroon. And has I dunno 40 or 50 K miles. Much better than Wesley's 92 with 204 K. I'm so excited although Wesley pointed out a couple things tonight that make it less exciting for the use on long trips-the headrest on the front seats is solid so our DVD player attacher won't fit (argh!) and although there is latch on the middle seats there isn't on the back seat so we can't just move them around like we thought we could-or we could we would just need to use seatbelts or something. I dunno, I'm at work getting this info second hand. :)- He did manage to get the car seats installed and Robert wanted to go for a ride with "Mary and Snoopy" so the 4 of them went to B'Water and back in it and supposedly all were pleased :). 3 year olds, what will you do with them. :)

Robert is so cute with his little sayings. Mostly it is "I didn't do x". Which generally means he did do it. "I didn't pull snoopy's tail, push Mary, climb the chair and get daddy's (model) car...." ohy. And then when he sees me in scrubs he wants "Mommy to take off my flowers". I think he has his pronouns wrong but it's cute! He also wants mommy to take off her shoes. In fact he really doesn't like for me to wear shoes period.

We went for Mary's 15 month checkup today. If I were a good mommy I would remember her weight. 22 lb and 4 oz maybe? She's 50% for wt and 75% for height this time. I'm guessing she's headed for a growth spurt soon the way she's been packing it in recently.

Med-surg beds and staffing are really tight right now. Although you wouldn't know it from my sitting here blogging would you? I feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. But until it does I'll just keep doing my job, one admission at a time and hope that I still have a few beds in the morning and that they clear out tomorrow so tomorrow night goes better!

Oh meant to add that Wesley's grandma is back in the hospital for renal failure this time. She really isn't doing well at all.

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