Monday, June 15, 2009

Not me Monday

Being a good nurse mommy I would have NEVER ever ever let my kids eat cantaloupe that spilled from the container onto my not so clean camper floor. Oh, no, not me!

I would never fish a cigarette butt out of my daughter's mouth with no more than a "that's yucky" and not even a thought that I should have been able to prevent it (it is yucky but does she have to eat EVERYTHING she finds) and no we have not taken up smoking, we were on a public beach and I dare say I was almost the only one that wasn't smoking!

I would certainly not have eaten an entire costco muffin EVERY day for breakfast for the last 3 days while still saying that I want to loose a couple pounds. Nor would I be joining the family in assisting in the demolition of an entire box of chip ahoy cookies over 3 days. No not me.


Jodi said...

you are such a creative blogger!!

i enjoy your blogs so much!


Margaret said...

thanks Jodi!