Thursday, February 22, 2007


Just in the middle of everything with Robert's b-day I go to pick him up from the babysitters to find that she's pregnant and won't be babysitting anymore. So I guess I'll be starting the babysitter search all over again. That aside, Robert had a great birthday and we're really excited about his first birthday party! I guess I'll worry about a new baby sitter next week. I have a call in to Childcare connection (how I found the first baby sitter) so once she calls back I'll have to wait for a new folder of people anyways.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to!

lol, just when I was mourning my tiny baby, Robert decided to keep me up part of the night last night. I realized this morning that his 2 top teeth are about to erupt, I guess he was hurting! I went in to check on him abour 1 am on my way to bed (worked last night) and he was awake and then he started to cry. I left him alone for a while but after 10 min or so brought him back to our bed until he was asleep and then put him back down-screaming. Then back to our bed for a while and then back to his crib where he cried a few minutes before going back to sleep! Then I woke up a couple hours later and stuck some blankets on him-he was all curled up and looked really cold!

And I used to do this up in the middle of the night thing all the time? I am so out of practice!

A dose of motrin seems to have made everything all better. I guess it's time for breakfast and then storytime and lunch with daddy and a NAP (for both of us!)

Friday, February 16, 2007

crazy goomer!

Robert is changing so fast I hardly know what to tell here! He's walking more and more, and learned "SO BIG" yesterday (still won't always perform on demand with company though!). He's becoming much more interactive and more interested in how things work. He spent a good while today figuring out how to get a ball in and out of his ball pounder-from the bottom. He's loving books again (went through a phase where he didn't want to sit still long enough!) and wiggles and giggles when he sees his favorite "touch and see" puppy book. We're also working on the word "no" and seem to be getting somewhere with that. Oh, and he's starting to do some preliminary climbing (thanks to his friend in nursery I'm sure!). His bottom 2 teeth aren't fully in but are clearly visable and so cute! I love seeing him with teeth and he loves to brush them! He's chewing and drooling again so I wonder if the top ones will be in soon. He is really a joy. In the past I was such an infant person that I wondered if I would enjoy him as much when he turned 1 but I love him even more and love to watch him become a person and learn and grow. Oh, the other thing I was going to blog is that we took him sledding twice this week and he really liked it! Wes took him Wednesday before he went to work and I took him yesterday afternoon.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

we're walking, we're walking

Oh my gosh, he's walking. I was cooking this evening and he was playing in his plastic wear drawer and I looked up to see him walking across the kitchen. He's now walking 4-5 steps at a time, to people etc. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Robert's life

Robert's life
I was thinking this morning as I shoveled pureed pears into Robert (buy the no sugar added pears, drain and puree in the mini chopper) how so much of this year has been about "mostly". I went into motherhood figuring that would be the way it would go but with more idealistic thoughts that I would make all my baby food, use only cloth diapers, make stuff from scratch etc. Well, I have used mostly cloth diapers (about 1700 of them to date-of course I don't have that many, that's just the laundry tally!), made most of my baby food (if you count pureeing canned pears!) but still use 4-7 jars a week (for supper) as well as a yogurt a night (I think he would die if he didn't get his yogurt!), completely breastmilk (yeah!) and well as of the stuff from scratch, he eats a lot of leftovers for lunch (thankfully he still likes the baked ziti from last week, I'm sick of it!) and a frozen waffle (not homemade!) every morning. So I guess it's all evened out. I did work last night and got home safely despite the snow (although I couldn't make it all the way up the driveway!).

Wes finished the slideshow for Robert's 1st year and I got to see it yesterday morning and I almost bawled. Wow, he's really grown! Ya'll will be able to see if at his 1st birthday!

Here's a pic of the goomer

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Robert's life

Robert's life
Today was Robert's first full day in the church nursery without me! He did great (and so did I). And then he had lunch with the young adults while we had a congregational board meeting (the young adults who aren't members agreed to watch the kids and they had special kid food for them). He's been a litle fussy these past few days and finally got tooth #2 (the other bottom one) yesterday and is now working on the top 2. Poor guy. He's also walking more and more, still only a few steps here and there but walking. I was telling Wesley that it's taken me almost a full year to get my life back to manageable. I feel like I can keep up with stuff (housework, cooking, church stuff etc) as well now as before (of course working part time helps too!). I can't immagine life with 2! I was going to leave a picture but Wes still hasn't downloaded pics off the camera so maybe next time!