Friday, February 16, 2007

crazy goomer!

Robert is changing so fast I hardly know what to tell here! He's walking more and more, and learned "SO BIG" yesterday (still won't always perform on demand with company though!). He's becoming much more interactive and more interested in how things work. He spent a good while today figuring out how to get a ball in and out of his ball pounder-from the bottom. He's loving books again (went through a phase where he didn't want to sit still long enough!) and wiggles and giggles when he sees his favorite "touch and see" puppy book. We're also working on the word "no" and seem to be getting somewhere with that. Oh, and he's starting to do some preliminary climbing (thanks to his friend in nursery I'm sure!). His bottom 2 teeth aren't fully in but are clearly visable and so cute! I love seeing him with teeth and he loves to brush them! He's chewing and drooling again so I wonder if the top ones will be in soon. He is really a joy. In the past I was such an infant person that I wondered if I would enjoy him as much when he turned 1 but I love him even more and love to watch him become a person and learn and grow. Oh, the other thing I was going to blog is that we took him sledding twice this week and he really liked it! Wes took him Wednesday before he went to work and I took him yesterday afternoon.

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