Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Robert's life

Robert's life
I was thinking this morning as I shoveled pureed pears into Robert (buy the no sugar added pears, drain and puree in the mini chopper) how so much of this year has been about "mostly". I went into motherhood figuring that would be the way it would go but with more idealistic thoughts that I would make all my baby food, use only cloth diapers, make stuff from scratch etc. Well, I have used mostly cloth diapers (about 1700 of them to date-of course I don't have that many, that's just the laundry tally!), made most of my baby food (if you count pureeing canned pears!) but still use 4-7 jars a week (for supper) as well as a yogurt a night (I think he would die if he didn't get his yogurt!), completely breastmilk (yeah!) and well as of the stuff from scratch, he eats a lot of leftovers for lunch (thankfully he still likes the baked ziti from last week, I'm sick of it!) and a frozen waffle (not homemade!) every morning. So I guess it's all evened out. I did work last night and got home safely despite the snow (although I couldn't make it all the way up the driveway!).

Wes finished the slideshow for Robert's 1st year and I got to see it yesterday morning and I almost bawled. Wow, he's really grown! Ya'll will be able to see if at his 1st birthday!

Here's a pic of the goomer

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