Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to!

lol, just when I was mourning my tiny baby, Robert decided to keep me up part of the night last night. I realized this morning that his 2 top teeth are about to erupt, I guess he was hurting! I went in to check on him abour 1 am on my way to bed (worked last night) and he was awake and then he started to cry. I left him alone for a while but after 10 min or so brought him back to our bed until he was asleep and then put him back down-screaming. Then back to our bed for a while and then back to his crib where he cried a few minutes before going back to sleep! Then I woke up a couple hours later and stuck some blankets on him-he was all curled up and looked really cold!

And I used to do this up in the middle of the night thing all the time? I am so out of practice!

A dose of motrin seems to have made everything all better. I guess it's time for breakfast and then storytime and lunch with daddy and a NAP (for both of us!)

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