Sunday, July 12, 2009


Oh my goodness did we ever have a great week at the beach. It was sublime, perfect (except for getting up too early every.single.morning except yesterday morning when we needed to be up early-of course the kids slept in! The kids were so stinking cute! Mary has turned a perfect shade of brown with bleached hair and Robert is brown and his eyes had a perminant sparkle. We went from beach (sand and baby pool and running around) to pool, to playing with relatives to watching movies. We (or rather he) must have watched Milo and Otis a 10+ times (Robert was so cute all perched up on our big king sized bed watching TV!). I even heard some sentances that I have never heard from Robert before "mommy I want to go to bed" and "mommy I need a nap". Who is this child??? Wesley and I even got to go out for an afternoon AND supper all in one day! Add to that girl time with my cousins in the hot tub, time to read, time to play on the computer, time to doze in front of the TV, time to watch food network and you know that I have been mightily spoiled! Plus mom made breakfast everyday and was willing to stay at the beach house and monitor sit so we could hang out at the other house and play games (tank do mommy!), we only had to cook one night, a trip to Wilmington, good food, time to catch up with people and did I mention that the kids were so cute?!? By the end of the week the kids were splashing in the shallows and Mary was running headlong into the waves (of course!). Mary charmed all the relatives with her amazing vocabulary that sprouted even more over the week "tank-do mommy" sentances? really? Baby girl don't grow up so fast, please! Plus her attention to baby, blowing kisses, snuggling, discovering etc. Robert learned or tried to learn the rudiments of slap jack (with all the other face cards removed), played trains with the cousins, playdough, cars, gloried in all the helicopters flying around and the toy helicopters that aunt Ruth got him (plus a dune buggy AND a car!). On the way back we stoped at chick f-il-a and gave the kids time to play which worked out really well. We were there about an hour and it was the only stop we made. I think we stopped 4 times on the way there so that was a decided improvement! I couldn't have immagined a better trip, it was really, truly perfect!

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