Sunday, July 26, 2009


I've been trying to find time to blog before I forget all the cute little details... so many of them so far this trip.

We left Thursday afternoon around 3 pm. Mary slept some on the way but Robert never did. They did OK with the DVD player and toys though. We ran into an accident so detoured through Winchester on 11 and Winchester is going though major road work (sigh). We stopped at 6 for supper (Mary was crying it turns out that she was wet through) at Arby's. It was good to get out and run around. We played ring around the rosey and jump up and jump down. The rest of the trip from then until we finally got here at 10:30 was um eventful. The kids were fussy, our directions took us the wrong way and then I got here to realize I had no contact lense solution or glasses so after some googling I found a 24 hour pharmacy and mom took me-at midnight. By 12:30 we were all snuggled into our beds and asleep. Well better get ready for church-more later

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