Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A day off finally!

Which is hilarious considering I just answered the phone and they wanted me to work-for double pay from 7-11 pm and I turned them down flat. I think I'm going to be working 36 hours this week so no thanks!

sun 16 hour
mon "off" sleeping!
tues off
wed 8 hour
thurs 4 hours + an hour or so to take my rhythm test-ugh
fri 8 hour
yes =36 hours. No thanks! And yes 4 of the hours I did sun were double pay night shift coordiator. Sweet! I don't think it will be a problem to get my hours in this winter!

Mary has been talking full sentences all week-it's crazy. Today she looked at me and said "stop it mommy". Um nice sentence but you don't say that to mommy! She told Keelia (baby sitter's daughter) yesterday to buckle in the baby doll... it's non stop. She loves to sit and read with me-I was going to pack up the kids this morning and go to the gym and then to walmart after lunch and nap but they ambushed me and forced me to snuggle with them and read and what could I do? So I guess we'll do both after nap. I have Wesley going to costco for me so that will help some! The weekend went fine but both nights were BUSY. Like never sit down for a minute busy. And this week is busy too. In addition to work I need to finish Robert's halloween costume (we're ALL going as pirates!), make chex mix and wash some canning jars for apple butter time and must study rhythms some more. Sat is apple butter and then halloween so it's going to be a long and busy day too.

On a more personal front I've lost another lb and just have 3 more to go to get back to the before Robert weight! Sweeeeeeeeeeet. My goal was by Thanksgiving and I think I'll make it! I've lost a lb each week the last 2...

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