Thursday, June 21, 2007


Robert continues to delight us all and amaze us (and tire us out!). His current fascinations include ring around the rosy, climbing on (parked and off!) riding mowers, watching scenic train movies (thanks Wes!), climbing everything and just generally exploring and expermienting. Yesterday I looked over to see that he was walking backwards! I have no idea where he figured that out from! He's also responding well to simple commands (bring me your shoes, ring the bell) and talking more and more. His new words include "yeah", "train", "tree", and I think I heard well (I think it was meant to be bell) yesterday. He's got all 8 of his front teeth now, so hopefully that is it for a while.

On Monday I got a call at work that he was throwing up. I wasn't lead teacher that day (each day there is 1 lead and 2-3 auxillary teachers for each group-usually 2-3 groups going at a time-the auxillary teachers answer questions and make sure people are where they need to be) and wasn't slated to teach anything til after lunch. So I picked him up and took him to sick day care on peds. Monday evening he felt pretty bad, somewhat better Tuesday (no fever or vomiting) and yesterday he was well enough to go back to Erica's. Today he looks good.

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