Thursday, November 02, 2006

Robert's life

Busy Mommy!

Last week I was too lazy to blog this week I've been too busy! It's been crazy with work and meetings this week. Robert still does really well at meetings (if I take lots of snacks) and so far no one seems to care. I've become a co-chair of a hospital wide policy and procedure commitee and so we'll be doing weekly meetings for a while. Our new nurse director is bent on changing everything this year so lots of changes going on! Which is a good thing.

Anyway, this is supposed to be Robert's life, not mine! He is currently napping (yeah!), which he seems to do less and less of each day. We were out and about both tues and Wed morning before I had to go to work so he really hasn't napped well this week, but has done fine. I resisted the urge to dress him up for Halloween and take him anywhere, well for one thing I was working and for the other thing (to quote Dr Newsome): "they can't walk or eat candy, so what's the point". So he and his daddy went to the weekly supper at Wes' grandma's as Sheriff Taylor and Opey (since they were wifeless/motherless!). I found a pair of (small-they look like mice ears) elephant ears on a headband and wore them with my animal scrubs to work and the kids liked them :) All in all we spent $3.50 on costumes (sheriff badge and headband) so not bad! Robert is trying to pull up, is an expert at taking DVD's off the shelf, loves to pet the puppy, chase the puppy, get the puppy's bone (trying to teach Snoopy to chew and leave her bone on the sofa-never thought I'd ever WANT her to chew it on the sofa!), love to eat and to feed himself fingerfoods. This week I've been giving him little peices of cooked zucchini with olive oil and garlic powder and he loves it! Plus he's eating rice chex like they're going out of style. Oh, and he thinks the elephant ear headband is really funny!
That's all the news from here that I can remember anyways!

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