Monday, November 06, 2006

Chinese Food!

Eating Out!
We decided on the spur of the moment yesterday to go out for lunch at a local Chinese restaurant. I was unusally disorganized for some reason and didn't have the diaper bag packed right and had no food/no bib/no spoon/no snacks/no cup. What was I thinking? So anyways we decided to see what Robert would eat. Well, he likes rice and fried rice (picked out the egg and peas), small peices of chicken/pork that I shredded for him, broccoli (just the flowerets), small peices of stir fried green beans, bananas and peaches from the desert bar and he got into the sugar from my small bowl of Chinese doughnuts. He had a ball but the waiter was not amused. I did clean up the area under the highchair pretty well and we left a nice tip. Thank heavens he drinks out of a cup with a straw and was able to share my cup and drank a bunch of water. By the end of the meal he was quite adept at grabbing a hand full of rice and eating it out of his palm. Of course this was the day when everyone we knew was at the restaurant so everyone got a good look at our rice covered munchkin! At the end of the meal I took him outside and dusted him off and he looked surprisingly good! I was just so impressed at how well he does with table foods and how much he actually gets into his mouth (and how well he likes ethnic foods). I can't wait until he can have wheat/eggs/dairy and he can eat more or less what we do!

Saturday we made apple butter with Wes' extended family. Actually, they made apple butter, his cousin Kim and I watched the babies and had a good time. Oh, and Wes and I climbed a tree, I'll post a picture.

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