Sunday, November 12, 2006

Robert's life

Robert's life
Well, Robert officially pulled up to standing on Friday! I was so proud! He hasn't done it all the way to standing again but does pull up to his knees to play with stuff on the sofa. He's also getting harder and harder to contain during church and I'm probably going to have to start leaving him in the nursery. You would think that since I run the nursery I would leave him in it but I really don't (unless I'm the nursery worker which I am every 3-4 Sundays or so). We took him antique shopping today and he really enjoyed the oldies music they had playing at the huge antique mall we went to (in Verona) and looking at all the colorful stuff. I had him in the ergo and he did fine (used it as a front pack so I could keep an eye on his hands!) The other big munchkin related news is that I'm going to stop pumping every morning (which I was doing to develop a stash). Lets just say that my chest freezer basket is overflowing so I probably don't need to still be creating a stash. I'm still pumping at work of course and if I miss a feeding during the day just not extra. I'm really happy that he's so far not had any formula-and I don't forsee him needing any in the next 3 months, he is just as happy with rice chex and water if he needs something while I'm at the gym etc.

OK, other news. Our good friend Philip was in a head on car accident on Saturday and was airlifted to UVA (tertiary medical center) which caused us great concern until we heard that he was stable-lots of broken bones but nothing life threatening. Wes was able to see him that evening-went with our pastor and his wife while I stayed home with Robert. Please keep him, his wife Sarah and their baby, Logan (5 months) in your prayers! They're going to have a long road ahead of them. Philip was scheduled for surgery today to have rods placed in his ankle and femur and hardwear in his arm.

Well, that's all from here. Wes entertained munchkin this evening long enough for me to finish my book-which was very good- Jennefer Weiner's "Little Earthquakes".

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