Friday, February 12, 2010

They are growing up!

There's something about birthdays rapidly approaching that make me step back and look at how fast these kids are growing up. It WAS just yesterday right that Robert was a tiny baby. And Wesley stepped up to the plate and held him as I layed in recovery from a c-section and thought "how in the world am I ever going to take care of him". Wesley scooped him up and held him, his eyes shiny and his face full of awe and love. And I was blown away. Yes Wesley who had never really held a baby!

Today I have declared THAT very same tiny baby-well not so tiny baby anymore-completely potty trained. He has been night time dry for 2 weeks straight! So today we ceremonially threw away his pull up and did a big boy dance. We haven't had a day time accident since Aug I think. I think I'll take him to the farmer's market tomorrow to pick out a toy (the LAST of the potty training bribes!).

Mary has been working on potty training (she does better for Denee than she does for me-I think Denee is better at motivating and getting her on the potty every hour than I am!). She knows how to let pee out but not how to hold it in so I'm not pushing it for now. I think it will still be a while! She has also learned how to sing "happy b-day" (along with all the other songs she knows-she pretty much has twinkle twinkle down), talks a blue streak-most of it is hilarious. Some gems: "Snoosy barkit mommy-go get snoosy" (snoopy's barking). In addition to snoosy we also have wankies (blankies) ! So cute. She mimics everything Robert says from the "Robert was awake this morning" to I don't want to x. She also mimics everything he does which makes mealtimes um interesting if Robert doesn't like something.

But over all these kids are so cute and it is so neat to see them together! You can hear them talking in the mornings and today Robert and all his sleeps and the big helicopter were in Mary's crib playing! Mary is back to sleeping through the night :) and I'm back to the gym (went 3 times this week and today managed a 30 min straight run at 6 mph (=5k!)-the first since the accident. I then went to lunch with Wesley and gorged on Chinese so I don't think there is any benefit to today's run, lol. I have a meeting here in a few min (actually the clinical ladder reception) and then work 3-7 so I took the kids to Denee's after we went to the gym. I'm off Sat but volunteered for 3p-7p Sun for double pay. Wesley and I are headed to Pigeon Forge the end of March for a long weekend, we decided we're going to call that Valentine's day! Trying to go out on V-day in a college town is a lesson in aggravation if not futility, lol!

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