Friday, February 26, 2010

Hanging out

That's pretty much been us this week. The kids have had coughs so we've just chilled out at home between work, and haircuts, lol. Well and I've been pretty attached to my new kindle. Oooh how I looooove the kindle. I had applied for and gotten level 3 of the clinical ladder at work (a nursing retention plan that moves you through these ladders based on committee work, procedures, teaching etc-you get points for various activities and then you do a portfolio showcasing your work and then you are rewarded accordingly) so I used some of the money to splurge on a kindle with a hot pink case :) I'm going through withdrawl today without it!

Mary was doing pretty well until last eve when she turned bright red and fell asleep at 6 in Wesley's lap. Her temp was 101.2. But she slept all night again and Wesley said she was acting OK this morning so we didn't end up taking her to the Dr. We had planned on Wesley taking her to the dr and then here for sick day care but we're going to see how she does at the babysitter's.

The one thing I have started this week is having a quick pick up of toys around 5:30/5:45. Wesley get home shortly after that and then it's supper and bath and books and bed. The house looks soooo much better this week! We had every toy box dumped yesterday and after the pick up it looked pretty good. I also managed to get the housework done Thurs before work (while the kids were at the babysitter). Still trying to decide about preschool for next year. I need to look into one more option before I make a decision. Sigh. So hard!

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