Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary has done fabulously the last day or so! Yesterday we had more visitors and that went well. She was cute and funny and just generally her! I was so thrilled. Now that her NG tube is out she is eating fine-probably NOT the 1200 calories that dietary wants her to have but pretty close to her home amount! Which is good considering that the food here is kinda meh! I'm sure she'll perk up at home even more. She had been having more pain and we upped her pain med dose and she slept all night! She had a dose at midnight and then slept until 6:30. She was a little fussy then and we gave motrin. Our night nurse just talked with the plastics people and they want her nurse today and I to do the dressing change. So that means we can schedule it for whenever. We have an order for a double dose of pain meds prior to dressing change so that's good! And it means we can take our time and be gentle and soak first. The peds surgeons have my FMLA paperwork and are supposed to be writing the pain med prescription so it looks like I may meet my goal after all! I'm guessing what I'll do is take pics of her chest as we take the old dressings off so we can see where the Vaseline gauze needs to go back. I do need to see a plastic surgeon at some point before we leave so I can find out when the places that have Vaseline gauze can be switched to just the lotion. I'm sure we'll be back in a week or so for a follow up visit so I'll ask about when we can put her in the tub etc then.

wishing...and hoping...and praying...and hoping and hoping that we get to go home today!!!!!!! The first week or so is going to be hard as we do dressing changes etc but I think we are well on the road to recovery. Praise God! So here is to a better start to this new year!

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martha said...

A great way to start the New Year. We are cheering you on! We know you are anxious to get home, but don't rush it. You all remain in our prayers.