Wednesday, January 06, 2010

First Post Op Visit

Mary had a 9 am visit to the plastic surgeon this morning. They cut off her dressings and said we were DONE with dressing changes! From here on we do the elta cream (a swiss high moisturizing cream) with gentle massage to break up scar tissue twice a day. She can bathe and do whatever. She does have some areas of folliculitis from where her pores are healing (plugged ducts) she had a plugged eyelash duct over the last few days which is greatly improved today with just warm soaks. We go back in 2-3 weeks and see them and then the burn OT (occupational therapist) to be fitted for a compression shirt. Their only directions are the cream+massage/compression garments/NO SUN.

They were so pleased with the dressing changes we had done and how good everything looked. They said that most of it had to do with post op care, not the surgery so thanks to all who did dressing changes and thanks to all who prayed-all the glory to God! I am still saddened when I look at her chest/arms. She ran around without a shirt for 10 min at the office and it just breaks my heart. I know we are just 2 weeks (from today!) from skin grafts and it will get a lot better but I still miss that huge expanse of perfect baby skin! She was giggling at herself in a full length mirror so it evidently isn't phasing her at all. Bless her little heart.

Another milestone is that she slept in her crib all night last night. She woke up crying in the middle and I gave her pain meds and put her back down and she went back to sleep. It seemed like it was where we attached the shirt at the shoulder that it was hurting just because it was rubbing and so hopefully without the bandage shirt on it will be more comfortable. The doctors are also saying that the burns are at the itchy stage and by doing the cream twice a day it will really keep her more comfortable. I just did her whole procedure in about 2 min-which is less time than it takes to set up for the full dressing change before!

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JoAnna said...

So glad to hear that things are getting better. You and your family have been in my prayers. Don't hesitate to ask if there is anything that you need.
JoAnna Smith