Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to normal?

So here I am listening to my co-teacher teach (I taught the morning part). Mary is hopefully doing well at Denee's. Christmas cards are mailed. Could it be that life is eeking ever so slowly back to normal? Oh I certainly hope so. But I will say that everyone I have seen today has asked about Mary. I feel like the whole hospital has held us through this experience and has been so great. I feel so loved.

We are still working on getting Mary to sleep through the night. I think she is still waking up hurting some so I'm sure it will get better as she heals more. She did sleep from 8p-3a last night but we (note we is Mary and I not Mary, Wesley and I!) were up fron 3-4. Ugh. Wonderful way to start my first day back to work! But I actually feel pretty good. Tomorrow the house cleaner is comming so I've got to get the house cleared out so she can clean and then life will really feel more normal!

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