Sunday, January 24, 2010

Big Boy Robert!

Poor Robert has been left out of the blog recently! Poor guy. Wesley and I keep looking at him and wondering when our toddler turned into a preschooler. All of a sudden he just seems so much older. We've given up on nap time and now he plays games on and navigates the mute button, the back button and the x to close the pop up boxes he somehow manages to open by clicking on random keys. And the mouse of course!

We've been doing more crafts and he is getting better with scissors and glue sticks and actually has an attention span! He loves playdough.

He invites Mary to play stuff (come on Mary lets play doll house, come on Mary lets play trains). He talks on the phone (and carries on pretend conversations with Caleb and Logan!). He plays with the geotrax a TON. And the layouts stay up until he and daddy get tired of them They did change it yesterday evening but the previous one had been up a week!

He goes to the bathroom independently (just needs help wiping!) and will go first thing in the morning without prompting. He's dry some mornings (and wants to believe he's dry EVERY morning so he can get a treat!).

And today he wanted to stay with me during worship and did a great job. He doodled some in a notebook I gave him (I wasn't thinking that he would be in worship with me so didn't have quiet toys packed). He plays simon says, red light/green light, duck duck goose. He got a large piece traditional puzzle today and did really well with it! It's like 12 pieces and George so that helps!

Not to say we don't have our moments. He's exploring his power I think. Mom don't talk like that, mom I can't do ______anymore. And at times generally will do exactly what you don't want to him to do. He is unreliable about dressing himself. He can do it but at times chooses not to. And if I sit down to the computer he wants to play his game. But overall-wow. When things are good they are SPLENDID. He absorbs so much information from everything he sees and hears. I forget what word they were showcasing on "Martha Speaks" (a PBS show about a talking dog which is basically a very interesting vocab lesson!) but he was using it correctly this morning! Conspirator or something like that! Hilarious!

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