Saturday, January 02, 2010


We've had the best Christmas ever. Oh we are so thankful to be home and so thankful to have Mary so much better. She was up a bunch last night and ended up sleeping with us (sigh). I was too tired to get out of bed and rock her so she ended up with us. Through multiple doses of pain medicines (11:30/3:30/7:30) and fussing. But at 7:30 we got up and opened presents. All the grandparents were there and they had a ball. She was a little cranky but perked up after breakfast and really seemed to be enjoying her toys. He main toys were a doll house and a doll crib. She has played all day. Robert got a lot of train stuff and has had a great time playing trains. The living room is trashed and we are HAPPY. Breakfast was a coffee cake mom and I made and a quiche that Roger and Peggy brought with fruit jello and tea. For lunch mom got a rotisserie chicken and we made mashed potatoes and green beans and broccoli salad. Grandma R came by this afternoon for a visit and helped with the dressing change which went really well. It's healing nicely and her face is very close to being healed completely. We are so thankful and happy to all be home together!

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