Friday, January 08, 2010

that giggle!

That giggle. Those giggles. Those kids together again. It makes me so happy! Mary really doesn't seem to be in much pain anymore :) which makes me so happy. She does tell me when the motrin wears off that she needs "ouchie medicine" but other than that she seems so happy. We were all in the car this morning picking Snoopy up from the vet (my girls are getting EXPENSIVE) and she and Robert were in the back seat cracking up about something. The cutest part was when Robert said "look Mary, those are your ouchies-don't worry I'm not going to hurt them". Aww! I wasn't sure what he would think of her when they were in the tub together yesterday but he didn't seem to think anything of her patchwork of scars on her chest/arm. They just played and pretended they were wales (spitting water) and did all the stuff they always do in the tub. This was the first bath Robert hasn't fussed about taking since the accident-maybe in this too he just missed Mary! I've bathed them together since Mary was 2 or 3 months-so for a long time. Mary does great with the cream (we call it tickle cream) and is getting better about getting clothes on and off. So we're getting there. Day by day.

Oh I meant to say something about Snoopy. She's been having urinary problems-has had 3 or 4 rounds of antibiotics for UTI's and within days of finishing her antibiotics she goes back to having to pee every 10 min. Let me tell you-that's getting annoying! So we took her today to have a urine culture (they go through the skin into the bladder for dogs!), an enema and then an x-ray (the enema so they could see the bladder). It does look like she has a tiny stone. So we're waiting for the culture results (they say next Wed or so) and then they'll prob repeat the x-ray and if it still shows the stone then they'll put her on this special dog food that changes the PH of her urine for 4-6 weeks and hope that it disolves it. My girls!

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Deeb said...

Aww! I'm trying not to cry as I read about Roberts concern for her ouchies. Sometimes kids just grab at your heart and let you know how much of a gift they are. Still praying for you!