Sunday, May 31, 2009


I was thinking this was my last night as a coordinator this week but I work thurs night too. But I am off tomorrow and don't work until 3p-7p on Tues on Peds-which considering that peds is closed for no census tonight I don't think I'm going to count on definitely having to work Tues-which is fine and dandy with me! I start orientation with IV therapy this week-I'm going to work thurs am (7-11) with them and then rest some in the afternoon before working thurs night as coordinator. Then I'm on peds this weekend to cover for a friend. But for now TGIS (thank God it's Sunday) well almost mon...

Mr HVAC is supposed to come tomorrow. Do you think he'll be there? Do you think he'll finish? Stay tuned... I guess I'll start out sleeping on the couch until he gets there. Last time he arrived around 11, I had been asleep since 8:30ish and The View was watching me when I woke up (I had been watching the Today show). I also desperately need to get the laundry done and housework too. The kids and I got groceries on Sat (while Wesley stayed home waiting for Mr HVAC who - surprise - didn't show up and didn't call. ARGH!) so that is done.

I have realized this weekend why I had children. I spent some time outside this afternoon with the kids in the hamock with Mary and Robert was pushing me. BLISS :) It makes up for all the tantrums and poopy diapers! I'm begining to think he is NEVER going to potty train.

I was going to blog about last night but I don't think I want to think about it. It was horrible and I didn't want to come back but I did. And I slept really well today so that's good. And tonight so far has been fine. :) Evidently since I am blogging. And my ILs felt bad for me so they grilled steaks, I did french fries and salad and they cut a cantalope and we ate outside. It was fabulous :) Until I had to leave! I love being able to hang out outside with the kids. Mary spent a bunch of time climbing the deck stairs and then calling to be rescued. Robert rode the Buck around. Then Wes' parents got home and made his a house out of a dishwasher box so they played with that a while. Mary took a long nap-apparently she fell asleep on her way home from church (12-12:30ish) and slept until I woke her up at 4:30. Wowzers!

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