Monday, May 25, 2009

Grammy and Grampy!

We had a fun weekend with Grammy and Grampy (my parents) and visits from Aunt Margaret and Grandma Reinhold. The kids have played, played, played outside, upstairs, and everywhere and are worn to a frazzle today-they are pooped and in bed-and they took good naps this afternoon! We got the flower beds plus a joint garden with Roger and Peggy planted this weekend and the flower beds mulched so I feel like we are well on the way to spring. Dad also burried the drain pipes (yeah)! Wesley had found a John Deere Buck ride on thing at a 2nd hand store next to where he works a few weeks ago-it was missing the battery and only $15 and he and dad got it working this weekend and it was a HUGE hit. I wasn't sure he would like it-he's a little odd about the riding mower when it's running but he has gone everywhere on it! Mary walks along behind like a little puppy. They've also really enoyed the playset-the rockwall and slide. Mary has gone down the slide several times (with someone at the top to start her and someone at the bottom to catch her). And Robert has mastered the rock wall. I love watching them outside! This week I'm not scheduled much (I had kept it open in case we were doing Meditech stuff but it doesn't look like it) so I think I'm just going to enjoy some time off. I'm scheduled some meetings tomorrow and then 3-11 thursday on Peds and 7p-7a sat and sun as nursing coordinator. The kids are scheduled at the babysitter all day tomorrow and wed and then thurs pm-so I'll have to decide what to do with them-I can't decide whether to leave them and catch some stuff up around here or what. I'll see how long I end up at work tomorrow and then go from there!

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