Thursday, May 07, 2009

middle of the night ramblings... :)

It's been a quick week again at Lake Harrisonburg. Between rain showers we've had drizzle. My seeds must have drowned because all I see growing are weeds-not the seeds I planted. Sigh. The kids are doing OK. We've had to go back to the basics of 1-2-3 magic with Robert, I checked the VHS out of the library for a quick refresher course and I think it's helping. Mary is starting to get fiesty too. Mostly still feeding the dog but also a tendency towards the toilet and the dog water and the toilet bowl brush. I've (only) worked 32ish hours this week but I feel like its been more-I think going back and forth between night and day has killed the week-you loose a day sleeping. And the house looks like a tornado hit it but instead of cleaning it this afternoon while I was off and the kids were at the babysitter I listened to NPR and napped :) Nothing like listening to "the story" to put you to sleep-it's so soothing!

I worked this morning doing meditech tracers-we're basically following meds, blood transfusions and orders through various departments to make sure everything is documenting right and flowing right and that nurses/pharmacists are working right. It's a patient safety initiative our little meditech team for the next month. Then we go back to our reguarily scheduled jobs-whatever that is! Next week I'm straight coordinator (someone is on vacation) so I won't be doing meditech at all. Although I do have crisis intervention training one day which sounds interesting-like how to divert people who are going bersick or something. They say to dress comfy 'cause it's active.

For the next 6 week schedule I am scheduled nursing coordinator, peds and orienting to IV therapy. I figure that the schedule after that I'll work coordinator, peds, IV and orient to float pool (nurses that work on any inpatient non-specialty unit). And then maybe I can just work somewhere, somehow :) I am happy that I'm still getting scheduled on Peds some. That will be so nice to still be there.

This guy is comming tomorrow to install our new HVAC system for the upstairs (I was going to keep it a surprise mom but I just can't!). He should be done Sun :) We have a whole new unit (so we'll have 2 units) plus an air handler and vents and all that good stuff. I'm so excited! Then we're talking about getting the rest of the upstairs drywalled and starting to work on that. For now the thermostat will be in the finished room and then we'll move it out when we get the rest of the upstairs done. So no more window units or heaters for you guys! And there goes our tax refund!

Our weekend is shaping up to be busy! Everyone keep your fingers crossed that tomorrow afternoon it will a) be nice and b) my kids and Caleb will be in super fabulous moods and we can do a photo shoot of all 3 of them individually and together-you know since we left it for the last minute and all. (So mom, your present is going to be a little late...). So family over tomorrow, mother-daughter banquet at Briery Branch Sat night (it will be so fun to take Mary!), Sun it sounds like R+P and us are hosting a BBQ for lunch for Nanny and then Clif and Hollie are doing a supper thing (but I'm going to work). Plus our friend Philip graduates from his program and they're having a party for him.... and the camper needs to be gotten ready for next weekend. And our lawn is like 2 feet tall. And the weeds have taken over the flower bed.... I'm tired just thinking of all this. I MUST clean tomorrow while the kids are at Denee's!

I have made it to the gym twice this week so far. I ran 3 miles one day and 2 today (at 5.5 mph). My knees are a little sore between that and all the stairs I do at work. So I don't think I'll do more than 2-3 miles at a time at this point. I need my knees!

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