Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

Every night when I go to bed I turn off the christmas lights in the kids room and just exault over their sweet sleeping bodies (after making sure they are breathing of course!). I love taking that moment to be thankful for their lives and to pray protection over them through the night and the next day. The days are so hectic-when they are awake I don't appreciate them as much as I should sometimes but in those quiet moments I see the real them. And thank God that they are asleep!!!!!!!!

It's the same way with thankful Thursdays! It gives me a minute to reflect on the truly good in my life.

I am thankful for a job-and a meaningful job. My mom always prayed for "work to do and strength to do it". I get it now. I'm back on Peds this evening and it's really nice to be actually taking care of patients again, although as nursing coordinator I feel like I'm taking care of nurses and that's really special too.

For a good babysitter.

For the lunch that Wesley and I were able to have today. I went ahead and took the kids to Denee's this am and went to the gym, library, to work to work on a project, to lunch with Wesley and then back to work. We spent over an hour at Wood Grill just talking (OK a lot of eating too-I'm no where near hungry yet!)

For my garden-it's really thriving with the rain

For my kids who have keen minds and strong bodies. Maybe a little too keen and strong some days... Mary learned to climb the playset yesterday and a chair today, but I've seen enough kids with disabilities to know that I am blessed!

For my kids' Grandparents! Oh-Grammy and Grampy, Robert says you are comming tomorrow :) Did you know?

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