Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Want to be "here we are!"

Robert's sayings are so cute! We were about 45 min from being home from our camping trip (we got back last evening around 5:50 pm) and he all of a sudden stretched his legs and said (whined) "want to be 'here we are'". So then I made the mistake of telling him that we were almost 'here we are', so he said that the rest of the time! Our trip was fun-it certainly had its challening moments but it went well. The kids took a couple days to settle into the sleeping arrangements and Mary and I have had horrible allergies to something in the camper-poor Mary would wake up with a horrible congested cough several times each night-despite 5 mg of claritin every day. Wes' mom has been sick on and off for forever and she felt poorly on and off which made Roger's job of trying to keep up with her, their 2 dogs and my 2 kids pretty hard. (We subsidize their trip as help with childcare while Wesley is at all the seminars). We took Snoopy to the kennel so we didn't have to keep up with her too and so we could do some stuff with the group.

Sat the outing (there's always a photo op outing) was at a petting zoo-well here at infinity acres.

In addition to the alpacas and what I refered to as the poodle pacas (they had some groomed into poodle shapes-they were hilarious!) they had a sugar glider, some critter from venezuala called Taz, fowl, minature goats, pigs, miniture horses, a miniture cow, peacocks, more alpakas, a pond with fish that you could feed... plus kid play house! It was a perfect outing. We had a picnic lunch there and then R+P, the kids and I went back to attempt a nap. I think R+P got a nap. The kids did play quietly for an hour and then I took them to the playground at the campground. It was good just to spend time with them! When I have pics to post I'll tell more about our trip. This page has some pics of the campground including the playground.

more later....

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Jodi said...

soo neat! glad you had a good time, despite the challenges!

missed you guys on sunday!