Monday, May 11, 2009

Another night....

Well, another night almost done. I've finished copying over the papers (the unit census where we write what is going on with the patient and update) and am waiting for the next coordinator to come in so I can go home! Whoot! It was a busy night-from 7p-3a it was nuts and then it quieted down and has been good since then. I stuck for lots of IV's/blood, lots of admissions, lots of just general stuff. I had a good mother's day-the best part was that the kids napped at the same time and I had some time in the hammock and curled up on the couch! Robert made me a card and bracelet in toddler church (how cool is that!?!), we had a family lunch with Wes' parents, aunt and uncle and grandma (the first Furr BBQ of the season), Wesley went to Philip's graduation party... just stuff.... if Robert had slept past 7 it would have been perfect :)

Mary is totally walking-almost running-even outside. Her little toddle is SO CUTE. We went to a mother-daughter banquet Sat eve and she was the cutest thing. I'll try to upload a pic later. She got down and was running with the big kids and then blew kisses to all the matriarch ladies and loved all over them. They looked like they wanted to eat her up with a spoon! I know I did! Sat the kids and I went shopping and while we were in Walmart and I was buying canned fruits and veggies Robert said "mmm, yummy, thank you Mommy for buying yummy food". So cute! He's such a sweetie!

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