Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chicago Trip Part 1

Since I'm up crazy early with the kids I'll take a few minutes to blog. We
left on Monday afternoon after I got up. We made it to Dayton IN about 8
pm-we only stopped 3 times in that part (400ish miles). Once for a general
potty/stretch break. Once for a Mary poop break and once for a quick
McDonald's supper. We stayed at a motel 6 with a pool and went swimming.
The kids slept til about 6:30 and then we packed up and had breakfast at
Bob Evans. YUMM! We then went to the Air Force Museum which was fun. Mary
fell asleep in the car so I hung out with her while Wesley and Robert
looked at the planes outside.

We then went inside and I took Mary. We wondered a while, then found a
cafe and got a drink, found the guys, had lunch and hit the road. We made
it to Chicago in time for a yummy spaghetti supper made by Rob. We threw
the kids in the bathtub and put them to bed.
Wed we went to the Shedd aquarium. We had a good time there. The have a
show called Fantasea that was good (a dolphin show mainly). And a 4D movie
which actually was the first movie the kids have seen in a theater.
Luckily it was only 15 min or so but pretty cool. It actually
snowed/rained/elephant squirted us/felt the vibrations of a thundering
I think my favorite part was the sea lions. Robert liked this huge crab
thing, Mary liked the sea horses. Kavitha was going to join us but had to
work on some of her freelance stuff so she stayed home.
Thursday Kavitha's mom and brother joined us (along with Rob and Kavitha)
to go to millennium park where they were doing some kid stuff (a huge tent
with crafts, building stuff, tumbling stuff, hula hoops, interactive food
pyramid, reading corner etc). Then we had a picnic under the trees and
played in their fountains. After that we went to the lego store, to
Starbucks for snack and then american girl store. Robert got several lego
sets and Mary got a bitty baby. We came home and had a fabulous
shish-k-bob supper complete with b-day cake for me!

OK just getting this published-I started it at 6 am! more pics later

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