Tuesday, July 06, 2010

This morning

I'm trying to write a few lines more often. This morning Robert woke up and then Mary and they all piled into bed with us where we were trying to wake up. We were woken up about 4 with Snoopy barking (who knows why?) and it took us a little bit to go back to sleep. Anyways I digress. Robert left a minute and came back with 4 matchbox cars and handed them out-one for each of us. I got a little car with a surfboard on top, Wesley got a police car, Robert a tractor and I'm not sure what Mary had (didn't have my glasses on). We had a great time for several minutes. I got pulled over by Wesley but he let me off with a warning, Robert crashed into the hill (Wesley's legs), Mary puttered all over Wesley. Then Robert got out a few more tractors and I mowed my pillow and then my tractor and his car went to Flo's (v-8 cafe) for a drink.

Then after breakfast Robert wanted to watch "pictures" so we all (the 2 kids and Daisy and myself) sat in the green chair and watched Robert's first year and most of Mary's....

I love my family! I'm on call for work-the housework is done, the appraiser has come and gone and work has asked me to work night shift on OBV instead of today on Peds. Luckily I have a meeting tomorrow so I have childcare so I think I'll do it. Now off to finish lunch and laundry and try to take a nap!

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