Monday, July 05, 2010


there was a clapping song I learned in PE class in Jamaica
"you can do it too cintronella little fella". I can't listed to Robert talk about fella without thinking about it. Who is fella? Well a butterfly or maybe all 4. I dunno. Actually its fella and his mommy and daddy (who hatched after fella but who's counting) and some other relation that hatched later. The kids talk to them in the same voice we would talk to a baby all high pitched and cute "oooooh fella, aren't you cute, aaaaaaaaaaaaaw fella!"

Yes, we finally got around to ordering the butterflies for the kit he got last year for his b-day (oops!). On the second attempt we finally got them and even though I was doubtful they would hatch, we had 4 turn into chrysalis and then hatch into butterflies. The first one hatched Friday and then the rest on Sat and today we let them out into the butterfly bush. We had been feeding them sugar water on butterfly bush pieces which they loved and so they went straight for it and seemed happy. The kids were super excited to see them go... it was a neat experience. I really didn't enjoy the forming chrysalis on my counter part but the rest was OK-especially after they hatched!

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