Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Busy weekend!

We had a bunch of fun this past weekend. Thursday Wesley took the kids to the lawn party to see the tractors. Friday we went to the firetruck parade, Sat we went to costco, walmart and to the old car/tractor parade and then the lawn party. Robert really wanted to win a stuffed animal. Wesley tried and couldn't but it had a kids win automatically so we let Robert try and he got one even though he missed (balloon dart). We later let him miss and get one for Mary! Robert wanted a alligator and Mary a little dog. Robert and alligator are joined at the hip. Mary makes the dog sleep outside the door, lol. She has been going to sleep better recently (not crying outside the door) Robert and Wesley told her the Robert's alligator will protect her!

Sunday we went to Heather and Ryans to swim and eat. It was fabulous. The kids had a great time jumping off, swimming etc. Heather and I finalized plans for a marathon cooking day yesterday which went really well. There was a huge storm right before I left which knocked out the power at our house so Wesley and his dad had to get out the generator-and the big one didn't work so they had to use the small one (which we own part of). The power came back on while we were at Nanny's having supper! whew.

We made:
cheesy potatoes
poppyseed chicken
chicken broccoli quiche
chicken nuggets/tenders (5lbs each!)
breakfast bake
chicken/pea/rice bake
stuffed shells (160+ of them!)
white pizza
pizza dough
chicken in pinapple/lemon/catsup marinade

It was a long day and I sliced my finger rather badly while cutting the lemons. Yuck. Like hold it over your head for 5 min while holding tight pressure and it's still bleeding. Blech. It kept bleeding a while but has been better since yesterday. I'm def keeping it covered at work!

I've got 1 12 hour shift done and am almost 4 hours into a second. Then a day off and 2 more and we go to chicago!!!!!!!!!! whoot!

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