Monday, July 12, 2010

watching them grow...

Wesley and I were talking last night about how we don't take quite as many pics as we did-for one we're running around after them and entertaining them but for another they really aren't going though the big milestones anymore. It's a shame that there just isn't a way to capture the developing imagination on film, or the subtle improvements in talking, drawing, playing... Robert has gone from scribbling a crayon across the page to coloring different parts different colors. And then the stories he makes up! Today he had Zurg (the enemy to Buzz Lightyear) attacking me and then he attacked poor little piglet.

(here's what I e-mailed Rob earlier as it was happening)
Simultaneously I'm playing the (small figurine) piglet who is being attacked by a lego Zerg (from toy story lego set). His mommy (a bear dressed up as a pea pod) is giving him a cup of hot chocolate to make him feel better but the cup was so big that he fell in and had to be rescued. Silly piglet! I'm loving Robert's imagination!

I am NOT loving the "why". I think why is a 4 year old NO. It's just as annoying. Or more so.

Well kids are going nuts.

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